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Why is This not on DVD!!!, 16 February 2005

This was the greatest late night rock show of the 70s. I just can't understand why this series has not been released on DVD.It showcased the best names in rock of the day.I remember when i was a kid i always tried to stay up late on Saturday nights to watch rock concert.Kirshner was the coolest announcing the bands before their performance. The show not only had the popular bands but also the underground groups as well. This made it very original a appealed to a wider audience.Again i am baffled why this is not available to the public.You will never see it on any TV station today.Although VH1 did air some back in 1996.Only problem was they butchered the shows and it was a tease but at the same time it was good to see a sneak peak of it after all those years. This Show Rocked!!!

Cannon (1971) (TV)
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This Should Be on DVD!!!, 16 February 2005

Excellent early 70s crime show with William Conrad.Great story lines and production.If any DVD studios are reading this this needs a DVD release!!I mean a full release by seasons no best of teasers please. TV Land used to show this a lot back in 96 but not since then. They just don't make good shows like this anymore. William Conrad i believe won awards for this show.It had a good solid run throughout the early 70s.If you haven't seen this it is well worth checking out. Well if your 40 or older younger viewers may not remember this show. Anyway i gave this 10 stars because it deserves it.Please let's all bug the DVD studios to release this.