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Non-stop Action Ride!! Way better than M:I 2!!, 7 May 2006

I've seen this movie last nite. Wow! It was way above my expectation. It is way better than the shitty sequel done by John Woo. Viewers, feel free to get out of the trauma caused by stupid M:I 2! Creative is the way I would describe JJ Abrams' way of telling the story. There are a few twists in his direction, but I really love the part where Tom Cruise took the Rabbit Foot. Why? Something you usually see in other heist / spy movies is missing. You'll know when you see the movie.

In this movie, you can expect a lot of tension, non-stop action, and a lot of suspense (mainly due to the way JJ Abrams structured the story). Basically you won't have enough time picking on the plot holes in the story line (although there might be a few).

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I am disappointed, 16 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've known Hitchcock is the great "master of suspense" for a long long time. I've heard "Rear Window" is supposed to be a terrifying movie since I was a kid. I've spent a lot of effort in finding a copy of this film (which is not readily available even in HMV). And now, I feel I've just watched a below average thriller.

I can easily name a dozen of thrillers that gave me more excitement than this one. Is it because I've expected too much? Is it because I already knew the plot outline before watching it? Is it because the movie was made over 50 years ago? Or is it because I've already seen other movies (such as What Lies Beneth) with scenes that makes people think there is a murderer moving his wife's dead body out of the house? If this is truly the Masterpiece of the Master of Suspense, then all the above reason shouldn't be sufficient to add up and cause such a great difference between my expectation and my feelings towards the movie. And I don't understand why, in legal point of view, the left behind wedding ring is any stronger proof than the left behind alligator handbag to issue a search warrant. Overall I have not felt much tension throughout the movie.

I do appreciate the little details portrayed in this movie, such as the dialogues between Stewart and Kelly, lives of miss Loneyheart and miss Torso, the couple living above the Thorwalds, etc. But the "suspense" part? Sorry Hitchcock, I must say it is way too weak to be the "Masterpiece of the Master of Suspense". And Mr. Hitchcock, I've pinched myself, I know I'm still alive (if you have really said what is being written on the back of the DVD case).