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Flawed but overall entertaining., 6 December 2011

Raymond Did It is another generic "Halloween" inspired horror film done on a very small budget, and much like all its peers, its very flawed, but unlike most, its actually entertaining. The casting of "Scream Queens" stars was definitely a good choice not only for the value the two currently have in the horror community, but also because Felton is actually quite talented. The acting ranges from terrible in the early scenes with younger actors, but once the main story gets started, it ranges from acceptable to decent. Despite a fairly low body count, the gore is actually done pretty well. The one thing which most greatly separates this film from many of its kind, is that they know there limitations. They realized that it would be near impossible to have and highly suspenseful film, and just went for sheer entertainment value, which was the right decisions. There are certainly much better horror films, but this in no way ranks in the bottom of the barrel, and as long as you know what to expect, i don't think you will be a disappointed viewer.

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Flawed but Enjoyable!!, 12 July 2011

Though "Two Star State of Mind" has many flaws it was still and enjoyable film and a very good offering especially when the budget is factored in. The acting by the supporting and minor characters is very amateurish and the only time it adds to the enjoyment of the film is during the scenes between its two leads Stephen Seidel and Lindsay Felton (easily the most talented and only recognizable cast member) who have a strong romantic chemistry. The story is an interesting one despite the occasional chunkiness and the fact that it tries to do too much in too little time. Overall it was a very enjoyable viewing experience and i hope to see more from then makers of this movie.