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The Good Ole Western is back !, 16 April 2006

This certainly is one of the best western movies produced in the new Millennium. It's an homage to all the stars of the great TV western classics, and it is the ultimate revival of the western movie. The story of two brothers who meet after the War between the States and end up on different sides of the law isn't new but interesting nonetheless, and the shootouts and the atmosphere are great. There is some graphic violence like bad guys getting chopped to death with an axe or women being shot down in cold blood, and Lee Majors doesn't take part in the action until the very end, that's why I gave it 9 out of 10 points. But it still is one of the best new western productions I've ever seen. I've had the honor and pleasure to meet Chris McIntyre at the Festival of the West and have a nice chat with him, and I've had the chance to meet Buck Taylor who performs the role of town doctor. In my opinion, we ought to be much obliged to Chris McIntyre for his efforts to gather that many stars of the classic TV westerns and SASS around him to perform in a new western such as this. Chris has an outstanding talent for choosing the right actors for the main characters, too. Both are young and promising, and I think we should see more of them in future western productions. I sincerely enjoyed this western movie - it was worth every minute. I hope that Chris McIntyre will continue to work on other western movies and present us with some more great productions such as this one. Great work, Chris! Jasper P. Morgan (Pete)

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One of the best horror movies I ever saw, 3 April 2006

This movie has everything a good horror movie needs - a story interesting enough to keep you watching, great special effects (not CGI effects, mind you!), and great actors who love what they're doing. You recognize their efforts to make this movie a good and entertaining one. If one can believe the producers, the movie was made on a very limited budget of just over $ 70.000 - and the result is excellent! In times when horror movies are full of CGI effects and actors who seem to do their job only to receive a paycheck at the end of the day, "Shallow Ground" proves that it can be done with a great enthusiastic team and a special effects crew that knows what they're doing. There's lots of blood, excellent SFX and a nice twist at the end - everything a horror film fan finds entertaining. The actors do their job well, and this movie left me hoping for a sequel. Oh, I just gave it 8 out of 10 points because the motivation of the Dead trying to "avenge" their own death came a bit short and wasn't explained very well. But then - I had a great time watching this movie, and I'm sure I'll watch it again. What else could I want for...? Jasper P. Morgan

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It's Mummies, it's Zombies...and it's boredom!, 2 April 2006

One of the worst horror movies I've ever seen. During the first few minutes everybody who didn't read the credits and rather smooched with his girlfriend would recognize this movie as Italian-made. Poor atmosphere, poor effects, and lots of talking. Despite other Italian horror movies there are no scenes of nudity, the beautiful actresses even get to take a moonlight bath clad with bikinis - maybe the director didn't want to shock the mummy with the view of naked girls? Well, as soon as the mummy awakes and goes on a rampage strangling its victims to death, its long-dead servants awake as well and go on a rampage eating people in a zombie-style manner. Now, why would they feast on their victims and the mummy wouldn't? The special effects are poor, the showdown is poor (a burning shed and a mummy that wouldn't burn...) and the acting is poor. Shy away from it, folks, as you would from an ancient Egyptian tomb! This movie gives you nightmares - but not about the mummy but about the money you wasted renting or buying it and the time you wasted watching it. Jasper P. Morgan

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Nice and entertaining western drama, 2 April 2006

Lou Diamond Phillips and marina Black star together with Lee majors and Ernest Borgnine in an entertaining western drama. Lou plays an ex convict who tries to make a living as a mine worker, closely watched by Marshal Luther Toll. The convict knows he is just one step away from going back to prison if he gets out of line - but when he stops a neighbor from severely beating his wife and teams up with an old rancher who stands alone against the mine owner's interests things get complicated for our hero. The movie is not as tough as some of the recent western productions but it is atmospheric, entertaining, full of emotions and some nice action scenes. The actors do a great job and seem to enjoy themselves. For the missing shootout scenes and a rather tame showdown, I'll give it 8 out of 10 points, but I still enjoyed it and can recommend it. Jasper P. Morgan

SharkMan (2005) (TV)
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The good old monster movie is back!, 2 April 2006

When I heard about "Hammerhead" being released on DVD and finally found it at my local DVD store, I thought "well, just another cheap monster movie from Nu Image". Those guys around Boaz Davidson and Avi Lerner produced cheap but very entertaining B - Pictures in the past few months but also some very disappointing movies. So I didn't expect much, especially after having watched the rather disappointing "Shark Zone" just a few days before. But "Hammerhead" turned out to be an excellent revival of the 1950s monster movies. We have a mad scientist, a group of people in a dangerous situation, screaming women and damsels in distress, man-eating plants and of course we have the creature, a huge mutant mix between a man and a hammerhead shark. Everything you need for an entertaining monster movie. The only thing missing are graphic sex scenes and nudity which you expect in movies of this kind, but since the movie was made for TV it's understandable why these scenes are missing. And it doesn't matter anyway cause "Hammerhead" is action and horror entertainment at it's best. There are two reasons why I gave it seven out of ten points, though: First of all, the monster isn't seen very often and the showdown with the destruction of the creature is too fast and poorly done, and secondly, William Forsythe just isn't the right guy for the "hero" part and for falling in love with gorgeous Hunter Tylo. Other than that, I can highly recommend this movie for any monster movie fan out there. Grab yourselves a cool drink and some popcorn, watch this movie and have fun. Jasper P. Morgan

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One of the worst Horror movies of all times, 25 March 2006

Set in Eastern Europe, this movie about a group of young people trapped in a demonic, bloodthirsty train is an utter disappointment. The effects are very bad, even though there is some gore, and the story is stupid. The train runs amok and relentlessly takes on any obstacles there are - it runs on and off the tracks, plows through fields and woods (without derailing!), runs through lakes and swamps (without sinking!!) and crashes through trucks parked across the tracks (without exploding !!!). One by one the innocent youngsters aboard the train die a horrible death, from being decapitated, speared by splintered signal poles, or torn in halves by iron chains connecting the railway cars. At the end the seemingly unstoppable train is being stopped by a bomb made of black powder from two dozen shotgun shells! I mean...come on, folks! How stupid can a horror movie get? Well, if you want to find out, watch this one. Or I'd rather you don't. Cause it's not worth your while. It's a waste of time. There are better things to do with your time - and if you must, then watch any other Horror movie but this one... Jasper P. Morgan

Camp Blood 2 (2000) (V)
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An awfully bad film - stupid and dull as Jason Vorhees' blade, 26 February 2006

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse - it happened when I watched Camp Blood Part 2. The story is pretty much a repetition of Part 1, and if you have watched horror slashers you can easily identify the killer after just a few minutes. This time, a film team is trying to turn the tragic and bloody events of Camp Blood Part 1 into a smashing horror movie. The director / producer visits the sole survivor of part one in the sanitarium and manages to break her loose. When they enter Camp Blood, horrendous things start happening. One by one the film crew is being killed. The cameraman is stoned the whole time, the gofer is a fat slob who bites the dust shortly after he's entered camp and the only talented actress is the female protagonist. Well, it's a very, very bad movie. The clown mask is stupid, the killing scenes are boring, and even the shower scene at the beginning is unnecessary and uninteresting. Just forget it... I rather watch a Friday 13th movie for the umpteenth time than Camp Blood Part 2 for a second time... Jasper P. Morgan

Camp Blood (2000) (V)
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One of the worst of its kind, 26 February 2006

Apparently the writer and director of this direct-to-DVD slasher movie is a fan of Friday 13th and other summer camp slashers. This movie has everything - a group of teenagers who want to spend the weekend with fun, alcohol and sex in an abandoned summer camp called "Camp Blood", the old man who warns them not to go there; and of course the crazy killer with the machete who keeps on slashing and hacking at the teenagers without any reason at all... The whole thing could have worked if it had been shot on 35 mm film with acceptable Special Effects. But instead the Special Effects are poorly done. The killer walks around as if he's out on a Sunday afternoon stroll, and the only good things about this movie are the acting of the talented main actress and the sex scene at the beginning. Other than that - dull and forgettable. Jasper P. Morgan

Invitation (2003) (V)
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One of the worst horror movies ever!, 31 January 2006

This is one of the worst horror movies I ever saw! It lacks everything an good horror movie should have - atmosphere, effects, good actors, humor, slasher scenes, gore and graphic sex. There's nothing! The only reason I gave the movie two points is that there are a few good looking girls - but that's it. The story is terrible and rips off from all kinds of much better horror films. The actors try to do their best with this bad script and the terrible directing but a bunch of gorgeous girls can't make a terrible film good. I've seldom seen worse - but lots of times I've seen much better. It's not worth the money and a waste of time to watch. Jasper P. Morgan

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German Teen Erotic Comedy - A Classic !, 29 January 2006

Almost 30 years after I've seen this erotic comedy in a German movie theater it is now released on DVD. It's nostalgic erotic cinema at its best! The German teenage sex queens Olivia Pascal, Gesa Gabor, Uschi Buchfellner and Bea Fiedler star in this hot B-picture comedy which mixes bad jokes, disco music of the Seventies and lots of beautiful naked teenage queens. There have been better and sexier comedies of the kind starring Olivia Pascal and Ursula Buchfellner, but it still is great entertainment. It has all the atmosphere of Germany in the 1970s and arouses great memories of that time.Great picture and sound quality and very enjoyable. Jasper P. Morgan

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