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Emphasis on QUALITY and not preference. My favourite show is Buffy, but as seen below, I don't believe it's the best show I've ever seen.

Also, a HUGE deal to me when watching a show is honest character development. This will explain why some shows are rated higher than expected and others are rated lower e.g. Nip/Tuck. (It's a good thing American Horror Story is using new characters every year, because Ryan Murphy tends to suck in this department).

It's just a matter of opinion...
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The majority of people commenting on this list need to know the meaning of 'opinion.'

And yes, that's my opinion.

In terms of the 'five shows' comments: TWENTY ONE SHOWS ON THIS LIST, PEOPLE.

General Reasons: The main reasons for most of these couples is poor execution by the showrunners. Either because many of the couples add nothing to the show plot, are just filler relationships which OBVIOUSLY won't last or negatively impact character development (e.g. the idea of Dexter and Deb - SO MESSED UP).

Another thing I classify as poor execution is romances which are draggggggggggged on. And it's more annoying the older the characters are. This is the case of Mark and Lexie for me. Maybe it's because I was never invested in their relationship, but like I said, I found the back and forth between them as a viewer tedious. If you would look at My Best TV Relationships, most of them have a form of stability. Hardly any on that list feature drawn out love triangles because I don't really like them.

But saying this and having Chuck and Blair on the 'best' list while Annie and Liam on the 'worst' list may make this contradictory, but the difference between them is Chuck and Blair was ALWAYS apparent even when with other people. And that wasn't the case with Annie and Liam. Plus, they committed to each other for good at the start of S6 (if it wasn't for that, they may have been in my worst. This is same case with Lucas & Peyton in One Tree Hill). But 90210's show execution was awful in general. Gossip Girl's wasn't as bad IMO, but I do think the whole promise to God storyline in season 5 was completely stupid.

Obviously I am prone to bias in my opinions. So, some of these may be because I preferred another relationship a character was in or it may just be that I don't like a character. Normally with bias it's both combined.

Connor & Cordelia (Angel) also need to be on here but couldn't find a picture.
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Also want to add Piper/Leo (Charmed) and Willow/Oz (BTVS) who I couldn't get pictures for. And Wes/Fred (Angel). But I also liked Fred & Gunn (Angel) together.
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In no particular order.

I've alternated between loving and hating practically every Greek character on this list.
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In no particular order.

Also, while Dan Scott being on this list is 'controversial', I feel like the good of his character equates to more than the bad. Either way, he's just on the list for the good.

Dexter's been annoying me lately, so he's only on here for the earlier seasons. Same with all the 90210 characters in here except Naomi.
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Time to get superficial..........

I've added actors from shows I don't watch as well so I won't get comments about missing people out. (Ahem, Supernatural).

This is in no particular order. But Mark Salling would be my number one. And Taye Diggs number two. Third spot is too debatable.

EDIT: Since watching The Vampire Diaries, Mark Salling has lost his number one spot to Paul Wesley. Taye Diggs still holds the second spot though...
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In no particular order.

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Favourite TV actresses from the shows I've watched

In no particular order.

Credit goes to the writers as well.
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This list is only going to contain deaths from shows I've seen. Some of these will be techincal. I didn't list any of the 'Charmed' deaths except Prue's, because they died too often to actually care.

There may be Lost and Heroes deaths missing on this list that deserve a place. I've only watched both shows through once as they've aired, so I can't remember certain events.
Same with Prison Break.

In no particular order....
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In no order..........
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In no order.......

Had to eliminate in this one. Owen Wilson very nearly made the list, but then I realised the only scene I've ever found him really funny in is the 'Meet The Fockers' wedding. Was tempted to put Chad Michael Murray on here as well for 'One Tree Hill'. But while his performances can be humourous in scenes, for example, a crying scene or an argument, it isn't intended to be comedic, which would defeat the purpose of this list.

Many Buffyverse actors deserve to be on here for the comedy aspects as well, but I wanted to rotate around movies.