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Great experience of theater, but from a film, 2 March 2009

Is theater entertainment, or do actors in performance live on the sharp edges of blades and ride the needles that cut and sew ideas and social fabrics? Professionally and dispassionately, that is, just like other workers in public service, doing their jobs.

In this movie an intelligent Polish service worker with another career, handyman and building custodian, has the misfortune of preparing a makeshift set in a factory for a production of a "Karamazovs". The production and rehearsal is routine for the actors, but anything but routine for the Pole, for whom is that too-well-lit roadside set of hazard lights and explanations. His perfect storm.

Three times the number of American -based viewers just saw a screening of this as Euoropean IMDb raters, brought with the Director by the Czech Embassy and the Film Curator of the National Gallery of Art.

Be prepared for those serious issues of Fyodor D's: Chance, intent, patrimony and fraternity, predestination, and God. But, you're only watching a rehearsal; and the actors are loose, having done this many times before, so they won't pressure you to TAKE IT ALL SERIOUSLY. You can have a within-you / without-you experience. You're safe, but you've been threatened.

Bizalom (1980)
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A film by masters, 19 February 2008

This was shown as part of a festival of films by Szabo Istvan at the National Gallery of Art Feb-March 08. nga dot gov.Suspense and tension is superbly developed. The ensemble work among actors, director, and cinematographer remind you of the best of Carroll Reed's films. Except they are all better. The male lead must have been the George Clooney of his day in Hungary. What does it mean to trust, surrender, take and give sexual intimacy, and love when you are explicitly denying your identity and suspect what even your love for your spouse? The print was excellent. The English subtitles were projected below the screen. I hope this means a transfer to DVD can be and will be released. I would rent or buy this for at least one more viewing. This is a more personal and affecting film than Szabo's "Sunshine." See it if you have a chance, even before Szabo's other, bigger films. (Colonel Redl, Mephisto, Hanussen.)

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Brilliant satire. Like the best, enhanced by its humanity, 23 April 2006

"Horem pádem", stood up well to a second viewing, from DVD, a year later. I'd agree with the most favorable comments of others here. I'd add that the treatment of immigration, nativity, nationalism and personal identify, as it intersects with 4 fractured families, is witty, tender, and humane. Even some of the native criminal class gets an opportunity to make claims for justice, even if the latter is satirized.

Did anyone mention the exceptional use of music, and how imaginatively the film is lit and shot? A team of artists at the top of its game collaborated on this film.