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Linewatch (2008)
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I actually liked it, 1 October 2008

This wasn't the best movie, but it sure was a good little action/crime flick to watch. It had enough plot turns to keep you seated and definitely didn't seem as near B grade as other projects "Gooding" has done lately.

I actually think this is one of his best since shadow boxer or boat trip. I really hope this film gets him back into doing good films as he has let me down with his past few.

So overall plot, hes a border patrol policeman that uncovers some dead bodies. And on his search to uncover the killer he brings back some past "friends" who cause more trouble then good. It actually relates pretty close to a history of violence but moves along a lot faster.

MY friends have a bad attention Span and this didn't make them walk away so my opinion is watch the movie if you want an easy going crime drama.

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I thought it was fun!, 15 August 2008

Look it was no master piece, but it was a fun movie that tells an interesting story that definitely wont bore you from start to finish. It was kind of a cross between 300 and sin city just with a cold war theme. It was good fun, the effects where cartoony as is most the scenery but its very detailed and far better then a lot of other B grade movies i have seen. Overall i wouldn't feel cheated if i saw this at the movies... i would however of liked a better explanation at the end. It pushes between an A and B grade movie, but is still a good action packed flick. Definitely worth the price for admission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blackout (2007/III)
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Not good at all. Other Reviews very inaccurate !, 17 February 2008

After seeing some good reviews on IMDb For this pointless waste of time i decided to watch it with a group of mates.


I want my sat night back, but more, i want the trust i also lost with my friends back, as i will probably never be allowed to choose a movie again.

Don't get me wrong, this movie looked pretty good at the start. Building up characters for the audience to slightly get connected to, Only to lead to absolutely nothing. I was expecting to see another LA riot. But what you get is about as exciting as the dramas in the Brady Bunch movie. This movie dragged on building up its climax only fizzel out just when things looked good.

This would barely make it as a mid-day movie. It gets a 3 because the acting was pretty good.

But having a black-out in your own home would be just as exciting.

Glass Trap (2005)
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that greatest movie ever, 14 July 2005

This movie was clearly thought out. I haven't seen a movie about giant ants before so i have to give it extra points for being original.

This movie was joined by FOX STUDIOS so the budget could be increased and the GIANT Ants sure looked much better then i would think. They are damn scary.

The whole movie is very violent and extremely well done. I noticed a few big names in it and the acting was better then most big actors these days. If this movie doesn't win an award for something IL be very upset.

Wait until this comes to the big screen because you will get much more of an scary and intense experience but if you missed it then hire the video. Not for people who cant handle extreme violence.

Oh and did i mention there are real life vogue models + + +

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this movie needs warnings on how bad it is!, 16 May 2005

This is so bad its the funniest thing i have seen.

Nothing beats putting this on and speeding it up to the death scenes and watch in amazement asking yourself how and why the cast would act in something so horrible. Maybe because they contributed to the horrible factor.

Now i have seen a lot of heads get cut off in movies but i must say i have never imagined a movie to use a dummy head of a different monster when it rolls off. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. seriously, u have to watch the kill scenes to believe it.

But warning, do not watch it from start to finish because your eyes will bleed from such horrible acting. I mean horrible. But your stomach will definitely hurt from laughing.

I kind of hate ending up with trash like this, but then some times its that bad its worth it. But if you pay to see this, then you may feel the right for a refund. Just a warning.

D.E.B.S. (2004)
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something very wrong, 15 April 2005

Where are movies going these days.

Honestly this was trash.

Having a movie of girls in tiny skirts with stupid looking guns talking about pointless things does not make it good.

As a mid day movie then yes, it has some style only by the fact that it has attractive girls shooting at objects pointlessly. But if u paid for this rubbish then its another story.

Don't get me wrong, lesbians would love this movie. No one else.

But one of the most frustrating characters is the french girl that talks like she has a walnut in her mouth and had her face flattened by a steam roller.

No, she didn't ruin this movie. But she helped.

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hopeless, 28 March 2005

My friends usually can put up with a lot of hopeless movies but this one was too poor for us to even watch it to the end. It was just so boring and unoriginal. Not even the "hot" girls that starred in this movie could keep me watching. Everything was just predicable and annoying.

The acting was at times good.....but more times bad. The most annoying character in the whole movie that you just wanted to die would have to be the main characters best friend. The more i saw him the more i wanted to smash my screen. (you know what fat ugly kid I'm talking about)

The plot has been done so many times before i think they should be sued by other movie companies. OK, it is a good idea but thats all this movie had.

Overall this movie can only be watched if by your self, to save any abuse from your friends. Or, if you have absolutely nothing better to do.

Drug Lordz (2003) (V)
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doesn't get much worse, 21 March 2005

This movie can be described as one of the most poorly done films i have ever seen. Imagine you and your friends dressed as gangsters running around acting like you own the world taped on your parents video recorder.

Now I've seen a lot of trash but this adds meaning to "crap" on a whole new level.

Let me start with the acting....Actually, i can't start there because I'm going to be here all day describing how low this movie gets.

Maybe it was the budget...maybe it was the actors straight off the street....maybe even the cap guns they use, bought at the local super market. No its probably how the actors seem to make up their lines on the spot.

All i have to say is that the "film" it was recorded on is worth more than the actual movie.

That said, at least i was laughing very hard at this "try hard" gangster flick....Actually no...i was in shock it could be that bad.

Not even 2 cops with some sort of syndrome could make me laugh enough to give this movie anymore than a 1.

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definition of rubbish, 20 March 2005

I cant explain what a load of rubbish this film is. Like really i cant. its just that bad.

plot=crap acting=crap budget=so low its laughable

Jesus, its like the only good thing in this movie is the fact the main character was fairly hot.

The only people i feel, that think this movie is good are the ones who took part in the film. I'm sure they are not the ones who funded it because there was no money put into this. (HAHAhaha to the bit where there heads get shaved)

This movie has already wasted too much of my life so i am not going to waste anymore time writing my review for it.