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Unbalanced and Therefore Not Believable, 1 April 2014

As someone who does believe we are sometimes misled by powerful people I was interested to see this film. I have worked as an architect, though never on high rises. I studied the WTC towers in college for both their design and (at the time) innovative structure. I had extensively read trade publications about 9/11 and the 3 building collapses and thought another perspective was a good thing.

Unfortunately this movie did not use much good evidence in its analysis. It seems to have started from conclusions and worked backwards. Most all the arguments made for how we were misled about the cause of collapse did not ring true to me as a building professional.

Ultimately, I was so disappointed in the quality of the analysis that I researched the experts in the film. I could find no credentials that make anyone quoted in the film particularly credible. My view is that this film is actually MORE inaccurate than anything the main stream media has said about the WTC collapse.

Christina (2010)
Not worth your time, 28 March 2014

I'm not sure why my view is so different from other reviews but it is. I watched this movie from beginning to end in the hope that I can prevent as many people as possible from wasting their time doing the same. Originally Christina may have been a beautiful story. Unfortunately, the translation to film is in almost every regard poorly done. Perhaps with enough budget, a rewritten script and different actors it could be a good watch but the makers had none of these.

Set in Berlin after the end of WWII, it is a dark secret tale in the family of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" or "Sophie's Choice". This movie has none of their subtlety and though filmed on a single set like Woolf the claustrophobia doesn't enhance the story the way Mike Nichols' directing did. It just makes "Christina" claustrophobic.

The title character is unconvincing as someone who lived through the horror of Berlin at the end of the war. In Nicki Aycox's defense it is her lines more than anything that make her seem not tragic but ridiculous. We know there were "bombs everywhere" and that "they just kept falling" because she tells us six separate times. (And of course because most students of history knew that before they watched)

After the first half hour I wanted the GI boyfriend to either walk out or kick the German police officer out of the apartment. But instead he spends most of his time being dumbstruck. The police officer's motivation is never clear. He's investigating a crime but why, everything that happened in Berlin at the end of WWII this particular case is so important is never revealed.

But when Billy talks about his visit to the death camps I just wanted to smack everyone involved. In one statement the horror that was The Holocaust was belittled and used as a metaphor for an infinitely smaller and morally complicated event. The audacity of that one aspect of the film alone is enough to make this a Must (not) See film.

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Wonderful Character Study, 27 February 2014

I surprised myself by liking this film so much. It follows 4 flawed and likable men from the late 90's through the mid 00's. The stories seem disjointed at first, and are, but Yong Mun Chee adeptly brings the 4 main characters together. I found the setting of a residential hotel very believable like many I've seen. I believe this was the first time I've seen such a diverse group of so well portrayed. The acting is excellent, including supporting characters. I was particularly struck by how the film used remembrances of 9-11 as a mechanism to link the 4 main characters. I became invested in the lives of all 4 and wanted them to find what they needed.

Carriers (2009)
How the World Would End., 2 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Unfortunately this movie is about what the end of the world would actually be rather than what a movie maker imagines it could be. And we all know the end would suck. There's no need to spend an hour and a half seeing that. The film's approach had the potential to be go in an interesting direction especially the opening where a the gang steps in to help a loving dad caring for his dying daughter. But it nothing goes anywhere and the gang just leaves anyone sick behind. It asks a lot of those cool thoughtful post-apocalyptic type questions about love, commitment, brother's keeper and the like. Unfortunately the answer is always "Dump em and leave a little food if she was your girlfriend"

Ultimately the whole movie boils down to - sometimes you just gotta shoot your brother to get the car keys - and that ain't much of a movie.