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Another incomplete list of people who are amazing martial artists and stunt performers that can do spectacular things from different parts of the world.
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Skilled martial artist in films and TV who are VERY tall.

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Usually, martial arts film stars are not considered to be very good actors, there are so many I can name in that category but I wanted to make a list of people who are not just excellent martial artists but actors too. So here they are in no particular order!

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Again, I know there are more but I am making a list of the ones I know BUT I will need help in adding more WITH credentials and credits too. So please do contribute please. Thank you!
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In no particular order - This list is of people with some of the best footwork and lethal legs I have seen in films, these people are TRULY amazing when it comes to kicking!
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A tribute list to some great martial arts film stars who are all called Jeff (Geoff). Do add more to this please! Thank you!
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This was my dream cast for Street Fighter 2 Turbo back in the day when I used to watch all those old school films from the video shop and my cousin's VAST collection of VHS. Also, read the kung fu magazines at the local library and books too about stars of the big and small screen, in my head I put together a cast of one of my favourite fighting games. Oh to be a teenager again!!

Please comment! Thanks!!
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Here are some video game characters that were inspired by real people! I know this is incomplete so please send me more contributions!

Thank you!!
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Here is a list of people who are Capoeira experts (or practice it) and I would like to show my appreciation for such a great martial art and the martial artists who practice this art too

NOTE: This list is incomplete as I am in the process of gathering all the info but please do comment and contribute too! Thanks!
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A list of some British martial artists in films and TV that we may or may not know about - this list consists of a mix of both actors and stunt people and it is in no particular order. Do suggest other names if you know of any that I have missed out. Thank you.