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Ogre (2008) (TV)
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An allegorical Story, 2 January 2014

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GREAT STORY and no reviewer looked behind this story and saw the true meaning of this Allegory, except for its physical attributes. Like not be able to see the forest for all its trees. The story tell us, that fear can and must be over come with Courage against the odds. In the movie, Sir Bartlett represented today's establishment and all those, that support it. That lets young man and woman go off to be sacrificed on the altar (stock) of fabricated wars, as a sacrifice to Satan and his minions, under the pretense of security and a benefit to all. The tactic of fear (the Ogre) is used as a ruse to accomplish this, with the threat of a so-called war on terror. Sad, it seems that most viewers have over time bought into this deception.

What if Jesus came for the first time?, 28 November 2010

Initially his movie was promoted: What if Jesus came today, for the first time? In that context, the movie makes a very good statement except for one (misquoted?) excerpt when Jesse says: the quality of life determines the value (of life). It is not the quality of life that determines it's value, but the value that God the Creator placed on life since God values all life according to His word, the very reason Jesus came into this world. The quality of life is placed into the hands of mankind. For those who don't believe or never read or studied the New Testament, this movie has little to offer since it is the spirit in man we are dealing with.

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Typical Yewish Humor, 30 September 2010

Ishmael the blacksmith has no idea who Jesus really is. When Ishmael gets hired to make the nails for the crucifixion, reality dawns on him and he struggles to save his friend. This must be the story of another Jesus. It does not follow the a biblical versions of Crucifixion or the account thereof and is typical Hollywood. But, if one leaves it to Hollywood, it does not come as a surprise. Perhaps the movie "The Passion" sum it up: the scarifies of Jesus was and is no laughing matter for the millions of true Believers and a hope for all those, who will believe in Christ Jesus, to have true Peace in Life now and a future life to come.