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The Amazingly Terrible Spiderman 2., 4 May 2014

Where to even start...

The product placement in this film was so in my face it took me out of it like...a dozen times. The villain origins are some of the laziest I've ever seen. The Rhino that was advertised like crazy, was in the movie a maximum of three minutes. So if you went to see there Rhino, oops sorry. Electro went from loving Spiderman to hating him in like, a second for absolutely no reason. The movie was two and a half hours long and I felt like tons of it was unnecessary. Shaky-cam was almost constant in the action scenes. Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker get back together and break up so many times it made my head spin. And that's practically the tip of the iceberg on how lazy and bad this film was in the writing department.

Now onto what I liked!

Peter Parker was good.

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One of the worst movies I've ever seen., 9 February 2014

Started with a full theater and literally 75% walked out halfway through. This was one of the most pathetic movies I've ever seen. Awful awful awful script. No dialogue that was worth mentioning. Nothing made any sense. It was boring as hell and overall it was a cigarette commercial. They mentioned cigarettes a million times in the movie and how much they enjoyed them. This movie was awful. All the actors looked out of place as if they all phoned in the performance but that's okay because none of them had lines. Matt Damon was completely gone for most the movie then just showed up out of the blue. I can't remember any of the characters names. I could go on and on. The cinematography was poor. The movie lingered on stuff that was not entertaining then rushed like hell to get through anything with a point. None of the cast cared and neither did I.