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wow, 10 June 2005

I give this movie a 5 for one reason: it is so charmingly horrific that it serves as a certain type of entertainment that cannot be found in anything else. I have watched it 4 times already (for the musical numbers alone). Although this was made as an ABC After School Special, there is no moral at the end, and it does not tackle any social issue. It is based off of a young adult novel by the same name, which was written in 1981. It's undeniably outrageous and completely unrealistic! Though, one should note, it's supposed to be a charming comedy - not a typical dramatic after school special. You will never watch something that will make you feel sorry for the actors involved more than this short film. I guarantee you that. For anyone who enjoys the genre of "so bad, it's good"... then this movie is a gift from God. I am so thankful that this was produced and is available on DVD after so many years.