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Last Vegas (2013)
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If u r too young to love this movie just wait....., 2 November 2013

Lost Vegas was the most uplifting movie I have seen in ages. Being of that 'certain age' I found it poignant and refreshing.

All the cast were magnificent. Mary Steenburgen was a pure delight. I know she has taken up music lately and brought it to the screen! De Niro was great as the crusty widower with a chip on his shoulder. Morgan Freeman was, as usual, bigger than life. Kevin Kline is always a joy to watch (I've never forgotten his roll in A Fish Called Wanda!). And last, but certainly not least, Michael Douglas was spot on with his depiction of a person resisting the aging process.

If you think this movie is not perfect, you are probably too young to appreciate getting older. Buy the movie and hang on to it until you are in your 60' will appreciate it then, for sure! All in all, if you want to feel good, really good, after seeing this movie head out the door today and enjoy the ride!