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The Creeps (1997)
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The Creeps is the first legit field sequential 3-D feature on DVD!, 9 February 2005

The Creeps (1997) was shot in 3-D with Chris Condon Stereovision lenses. These lenses utilize a 3-D filming technique called "over and under." During filming, a normal 35mm film frame is exposed by two lenses (one for each eye view) instead of one. The top half of the film frame is exposed by one lens and the bottom half of the frame by the other lens. Hence, the name "over and under." The Creeps has been available in 2D, but is now available for the first time ever in 3-D on DVD. This DVD represents the first legitimately released feature-length 3-D film in field sequential 3-D. A must have for 3-D collectors! Please visit for more information.