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Angelina Jolie IS Lara Croft. These are the people I'd love to surround Angelina’s Lara in a third Tomb Raider movie.
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Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are reuniting with their most iconic and recognized characters, to make the most successful films of the respective franchises. Will Smith returned as Agent J in Men in Black 3, 15 years after the first film. Bruce Willis as John McClane, more than 20 years after the original trilogy of DIE HARD. Arnold Schwarzenegger will return both as Conan and in the new Terminator trilogy. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels return for Dumb and Dumber Two, 20 years after the original movie and it was recently announced that Eddie Murphy will play Axel Foley, his Beverly Hills cop character 32 years after the original movie. Harisson Ford had a fourth adventure as Indiana Jones 27 years after Raiders of the Lost Ark and 19 years after the last movie. He is coming back as Han Solo in the Star Wars movie 39 years after his original appearance. That is how young Angelina Jolie is by the way. We ask from all of you to help us get Angelina Jolie back as Lara Croft, a character that has become synonymous her, with the majority of the world recognizing her alone as Lara Croft. Even the temple in Cambodia (Ta Prohm), where she shot the original film has officially been named after her. The actress interpreted the character of Lara Croft in two films, which cost USD 200 million combined (as much as a single action film costs today) and grossed more than USD 480 million worldwide (with ticket prices half of those today and NO 3D release) with 35 million tickets in the U.S. alone! Angelina has mentioned the impact the character had on her several times in interviews, and how the role contributed to the strong woman she is today. Like a real Lara Croft, as a UNHCR Good Will Ambassador, she travels to some of the most dangerous places on the planet, even the center of war zones to bring the attention of the media and the world to important social issues. The Hollywood Reporter mentioned in an article “we live in a time where women are equal to men. When men in their late 40s and 50s get to save the world in action movies, it is only fair for women to do the same?” Now 40, Angelina Jolie looks beautiful, she is mature, dynamic and creative, and ready for adventures (literally and figuratively). She is by all marketing numbers on the top, having 81% Q Scores and most recently she was named the most powerful actor by Forbes magazine. In hope of course that she would want to give us another Lara Croft adventure, (we even have a script ready and waiting for her) Let's get Angelina Jolie back in her Tomb Raiding boots!
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Angelina Jolie IS Lara Croft. Who would you like to see next to her Lara in a third Tomb Raider movie?