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Kill Dil (2014)
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Abrupt end mars, but still leaves a mark., 16 November 2014

I was very much excited for this movie mainly because of Govinda playing an important role.

I found the movie was going well until interval, but in second half the makers seemed to be in a hurry to wrap it up without going in detail. This made viewers unsatisfied where they wanted to see more story and more good ending. It had very good potential to be very good or excellent film, but sudden act of wrapping it up with poor screenplay made it ended up with average fare. They should have worked on screenplay of post interval part and come up with more powerful script.

Govinda played well as per the role offered, but still I believe he is not a perfect choice for the role and it would have been offered to some other actor like Jackie Shroff or his role would have been made more stronger giving him more screen presence and better screenplay and definitely movie would have been taken to a new level. Though it could have been much better film, but still I enjoyed watching it and believe it is much better film compared to many 100 Crore films of recent past.

Over all it is worth watching and all four lead actors leave their mark with good performance.

Brahma (1994)
typical bollywood drama - victory of good over evil., 28 September 2010

This movie was came out at the time when this type of genre was treat to watch and bollywood was meant for such script. Only good script, some good acting and couple of hit songs are the only required things to do the job for the movie. Though this movie was flopped at the box office when the time of its release because of poor script and poor music but It is a good one time watch at least. This movie came at the time when govinda had been started to consider a star of comedy films as he had already been given couple of super hit movies with David dhavan although I always strongly believe that he is one complete actor and always treat to watch in any kind of good script. Unfortunately he has not been given that variety of job so far but he could entertained us mostly in one type of genre-comedy.

This movie is typical bollywood drama telling story of the victory of good over evil where govinda did his required job for good. The script has nothing much to offer him as an actor still he managed to do well with whatever on hand and he always treat to watch. Heroines have nothing much to do. Prem Chopra did his job well as villain. Laxmikant Berde annoying sometimes. Other actors did their part OK.

One song "Has ke Gujare Jinadgi" is one class song sung by kumar sanu and greatly choreographed in the movie and also well acted by govinda. Bappi Lahiri came out with very good tune and music for this song. As I remember I used to murmur this song at that time after once heard it and also liked it when watched on the TV. Though this song was not became that popular and gone unnoticed, as movie, because of poor publicity. Though other songs are not that good and overall music is average and not became that hit when movie was released. all in all it's one time good watch only and could have been much better if it's music and songs are much better as per the requirement of this kind of genre.

3 Idiots (2009)
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It talks about faulty education system, unnecessary study pressure, wrong high expectation of parents, increasing materialism and ignorance of human values THE FUNNY WAY, 1 January 2010

There are many people who find nothing useful in real working life which have been taught and studied with great pressure during their student life. There are many instances where students have taken last step as suicide when they can't handle the study pressure. There are people who have inner abilities and skill sets of some other field than the field in which they are currently working or say there are people who trying hard to establish themselves in the field according to their chosen career path but can not make the headway. Actually these kind of people might have realised that they have taken wrong path and that is because of parent's expectation, social status or may be because of peer pressure. There are people who are repenting after making career in the field in which they are not enjoying and have mindset that they would have been done better in some other field. There are parents with the mindset that some educational field are good and some are bad. This is may be because of status in the society, job market and money reward in the field. But by this way they are ignoring inner abilities of their child and take the part in spoiling their career. This is like curing the disease the wrong way by giving wrong drug. This way they are killing their real pleasure. There are girls and guys who repenting after getting married to a person who is so materialistic who running behind only money and has no value for human feelings. Finally this kind of marriage wont last longer and results in the divorce. The film is giving good message to all of above people with humour. Songs are also good and well placed in the movie.

Over all it is another very good movie of Aamir khan.

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very good family entertainer highlighting current post marriage problems and solutions, 18 August 2009

It is a great entertainer giving very good message on marriage and relationship. All the lead actors have done a great job. It is not a good idea to compare any movie with other movie instead we should watch any movie as per it's genre and how it has been presented for it's target audience. Life partner is well made entertaining movie which I greatly enjoyed watching in the theatre. I strongly recommend this movie to all as it is full of fun and entertainment with a good message for everybody. If you haven't seen it in the theatre then you are missing the chance to have great fun and full entertainment with your family which is hard to find.

I am the person who know what is the class as per my improved taste and I always enjoyed whenever such movie is there while on the other side I am also the person who always enjoy the films which appeals to the mass audiences and which is termed as typical bollywood film. Life Partner is a typical bollywood family entertainer which has been succeeded in its goal as to enlighten post marriage problems and also give message about how to deal with such problems arises in the post marriage life of different type of marriage by providing good entertainment.

As far as acting is concerned Govinda is the actor who comes after amitabh. He is such a talented Indian actor who can do any type of act with ease and can give real effect to the any scene. Whenever he present on the screen you are sure to be entertained provided he has been given the chance to act and not being restricted like they did in Bhagam Bhag. Here Govinda is superb and not being restricted. I greatly enjoyed his presence and his act in this movie. Fardeen khan and Genelia impressed with their act. Tushaar kapoor and Prachi desai played their part very well. The culmination is also very good and it turned out to be a complete bollywood entertainer having full entertainment and fun filled experience.

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unimpressive film with story of hatred which finally entrusted love and marriage, 9 July 2009

This is an average to bellow average film which has backdrop storyline of Hollywood and USA. The lead characters of the movie are not believing in love and marriage. Their story of hatred finally end up in love as circumstances made them to fall in love. Though the film is not as expected before but turned out to be an average entertainer.

positives-: It has good location of USA and Hollywood. Akshaykumar's star power, presence and act. Kareena Kapoor's role and act. Story of hatred finally end up with good positive note of love and marriage.

negatives-: The film has poor screenplay which could have been much better. It has poor music except one average title song. No good use of Akshaykumar's acting talent. No good use of supporting cast.

over all it is an unimpressive film which entertains in parts and turned out to be an average fair as finally end up by giving positive message on love and marriage.

Billu (2009)
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are you a good friend and real down to earth person? go watch compare and check yourself !!, 19 February 2009

Nowadays most films are made to give important message for life so that everyone can connect with it. This film touches one's heart by giving great example of true friendship between two childhood friends.

Both friends found themselves in different situation after childhood days of friendship as one became rich while the other remained poor but their bond of friendship was intact in their heart. The poor friend has started believing that his friend might have forgotten him after such a long time and after getting fame and money but in reality that was not the case instead he is still reminding his childhood friend and always wanted to meet him. The character of rich friend shows real down to earth personality of a person and example of true friendship that never fades irrespective of money and fame at the same time the character of poor friend and his wife also shows that being poor never restrict you of being good person.

Over all this is very good film and must watch for its heart warming subject of friendship.

Ghajini (2008)
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showcasing of the true love - the base of true love is good qualities of a person and equal interaction of its kind., 29 December 2008

It was a great experience while watching the film. The film can fall in three main categories such as romance, action and thriller as it is a thriller that has some great action sequences followed by endearing love story. The love story is very unique and I can't recall that any film in the past have presented with such an excellent love story. This is exemplifying of great love and makes the viewer to be fall in love for the characters. It is very hard to find such kind of people in today's materialistic and professional world as shown in the film. Both the characters have all good qualities such as honesty, simplicity, innocence, sacrifice and above all true feeling for each other and all these are without even a single cuddle or say shown as that. The action sequence followed by this kind of love story makes it justifiable which has been also shot nicely to give right impact to the film.

It is very obvious that the demise of this kind of lovable person can make worst effect on another person's mental condition as hero's condition becomes in the film after heroine's murder. That's why the revenge is justified and becomes prevailing as shown in the film which has been presented nicely with some great action sequences with very good screenplay.

Overall it is an excellent film.

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inner goodness is more important than outer look of a person., 15 December 2008

There are many films those have been made using love triangle in a different way and this formula is considered as a hit Bollywood formula. This film also falls in the same category but here it seems that it is very different and very special film as it touches your heart. It is based on very different love triangle where the same person plays two characters. It is thought provoking and very appropriate in today's times. It is successful in conveying its messages to the target audience with good entertainment by a typical Bollywood hit formula. It creates much interest in viewer's mind from the very first scene and continuous until it ends.

It is happen to be marrying a simple common man by a young beautiful girl because of situation but girl vows not to love this common man even after marriage but in contrast common man loves her very much from the day when he first seen her. Here common man goes for makeover with the help of a friend and tries to make his wife to love him by becoming and playing character of changed modern man and by meeting her regularly in different scenario. Simultaneously he also lives his life of common man with his wife. So here the story revolves around these three characters as simple common man, his wife and changed modern man. Initially he feels good but later on he found it to be wrong. Here this common man many times feels to be quit from this game of look change and think to tell true to his wife but somehow he thought to continue with it as he wanted to see whether with whom finally his wife prefer to live with. This thing creates very much interest in viewer's mind and whole episode is very good to see here. It is very interesting to see how this changed modern man lose this game to simple common man and how the later is simply winning his wife's heart away with his simplicity and inner goodness.

I feel it is better film than other films of the director Aditya Chopra and believe that it will be considered among the good works of Shahrukh Khan though I personally feel that it is second heart warming film of Shahrukh Khan after Swades.

do not increase your liability without capacity, 4 December 2008

The movie narrates different stories about how different people decides to take bank loan as per their requirement and finally ended up by becoming defaulters. They cannot pay their instalments in due time because of their situations. Finally recovery officer comes in the picture to chase them and to make them to pay instalments. Here it is good to see how recovery officer make these defaulters to pay their instalments. It has been also made clear that how people are taking bank loans by going ahead than their capacity and increases their liability. It also shows how banks are giving loans without any status check and strict criteria and finally comes in trouble when clients are not able to pay as their situation worsens. It shows that how good recovery officer, with good counselling and using proper way, can solve problem of these people and make these defaulters good clients. So here subject is new and good as per today's EMI culture. Though the subject is good but still it is lacking a good script and good music.

Sanjay Dutt did very well as a recovery officer and suits the role. Urmila matondkar also looks good in her role. Kulbhushan Kharbanda is also good. Rest is OK as per their role.

So over all it is a good one time watch.

Dostana (2008)
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different and entertaining movie with good message for conventional society, 23 November 2008

Fist time I have watched any movie, which has shown a different issue. Though gay part has been used here to add humor but on the other hand it has also highlighted conservatism of our society for such people and finally given a message of accepting such thing by showing such acceptance by mother and also by showing friendship with such friends by a lovely girl like Priyanka.

As far as entertainment is concerned, the movie has very good light humor in the first half as Abhishek and John lied to be gay to share an apartment with Priyanka and later on movie picks up the pace in second half when Abhishek and John realizes that they both are in love with the same girl. On the other hand entry of Bobby Deol as Priyanka's boss and love interest makes twist and creates interest for viewer. Afterwards the movie progresses well by making your interest intact and end is also good to give it perfect completion. Music and songs are also very good to make you entertained.

Over all it is a good movie, which gives a message on different issue with entertainment.

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