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Grey's Anatomy-I anxiously await each Thursday Night to view the Show, 30 January 2007

Wow, awesome, heartwarming, tear-jerking, adventurous, real, funny, remarkable.....just a few words to describe the writing and acting of this Drama. Congrats to all for the Sag Award for Best Drama Ensemble Group.

Kudos to the entire crew......all the camera men, directors, grips, gaffers, make up artist, hair stylist, PA's AD.s......Just everyone for it is a team effort! A special Kudos to Shonda Rhimes and Krista Vernoff.......two down to earth and talented ladies. Continued Success and keep up the great work.

Leslie Berger

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I loved that the movie was Humorous and Adventurous!, 10 January 2007

I saw the movie last night. I am a fan of Cedric The Entertainer. He is so funny! Nicolette and Lucy Liu added to this cast made it a dynamic movie.

I liked how the story line kept you guessing on "Jake" the role that Cedric played and what was his true identity and job.

And to see him play not only a comedic role as he usually does, but a role filled with action.........Loved it! I would recommend this movie for all to see. I liked how it was not filled with lots of cursing, explicit sex scenes and lots of blood and guts. Yes there was some fighting etc, but I found it more in a humorous way it was done.

Ciao, Leslie

Flicka (2006)
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A movie for all to see with their family!, 19 October 2006

Finally, a family friendly movie with substance and great messages to uplift young people and really everyone! First, I remember reading the book My Friend Flicka, so it brought back such wonderful memories . The beautiful scenery and the photography and filming of it was breathtaking. The Director Michael and his DP and Camera crew did a remarkable job. I had the pleasure to meet Michael Mayer after the premiere tonight, what a nice and outgoing gentleman. Looking forward to seeing more projects directed by Micahl and with hopes to work with him as one of his actors.

What a beautiful sight it was to watch a movie with beautiful horses, and green scenery with beautiful hillsides and mountains from Wyoming......It reaffirmed to me how Wonderful is God who created such beautiful land and animals.

The music composer did a remarkable job. The music really enhances the movie and then the song Tim McGraw wrote, wow! Melodic and meaningful! Tim Surprised me on what a great actor he is too! Everyone ought to go see this movie......Finally something for the kids to see.....No cursing, no bloody killing and violence, no immoral behavior........Finally......Kudos to 20th Century Fox for standing behind this project.

Wishing Flicka to hit big this weekend! Leslie Berger

Glory Road (2006)
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Everyone ought to see this Film, especially Basket Ball Game lovers, 3 February 2006

Whether you are a fan of basketball or not, this film touches on so many different topics. A show about real life, portrayed by some dynamic actors. Oh my, Josh Lucas, the coach was amazing on film as well as the "real coach" he portrayed. How wonderful he was to be "color blind" when coaching the game of basketball, down in the south where there was so much cruelty and prejudice.

This was a heartfelt movie where often, I got upset to see how cruel people would be to others, just because of the color of their skin. I am "white" though not white like this screen, lol, and raised in Los Angeles during the late 60's/70's and just never understood why people would not like you, without even knowing you just because of your looks/race.

Anyway, go see the movie, it is great! The beautiful tatyana ali who was on since a child Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I almost did not recognize her.....she did such a marvelous job acting in the role of Tina!