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Can't believe how bad this movie is, 16 December 2011

I taught US history for 39 years. I also had my classes READ the novel. When done, we'd show the movie. Over the 15 or so years we did this, I can't remember a single student who liked the movie compared with the book. They (7th and 8th graders) were totally insulted at how Disney gutted the story, way beyond the need for making it into a "family" movie. Whole, important story lines were omitted -- Dove and the chalice, for instance. For those poor souls who have said in other reviews how this movie teaches them about American history -- SAD, SAD!

One of my students was able to point out, literally, two dozen MAJOR historical inaccuracies -- The Tea Party took place in Boston in December, yet people are dressed like they're in Orlando in August; the Battle of Lexington took place outside Boston in April, when there is usually snow on the ground, yet the movie shows beautiful New England fall foliage! If THIS is how people learn about American history, no wonder most of our population knows NOTHING about our history!

People who think this is a wonderful movie obviously live in a Disney-created bubble world where every day is sunny and no one ever dies. They'd LOVE Disney's version of "The Civil War", played by Mickey and Donald, where North and South sing together happily while the bluebirds sing.

If you want a good laugh then, READ the novel, then (if you can stand it), watch this movie!

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So bad it's good., 15 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is so bad it was funny. The plot line is totally lame -- as in "what are we gonna do today? I don't know, let's win the Kentucky Derby." The acting, if you can call it that, was awful, the photography was lamentable going from too light to too dark, the writing was stiff and sophomoric, all in all, it was a good laugh! Johnny's family needs money, so of course, after being convicted of murder which he didn't do, he has to win the Kentucky Derby for "sis" and ma.

The scenes shot at "Churchill Downs" obviously were NOT Churchill, but then with a 1935 audience, I'd bet (no pun intended) few people would have even noticed. All in all, the only Kentucky connection was in effect an impersonated Churchill Downs, but then I'm just a nut for accuracy, so that's MY problem.

It's a typical B movie from 1935, but if you need a good laugh, try watching.