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Dead Scary, Dead Funny, Dead Good!!!
27 November 2009
Without a shadow of a doubt the best zombie film out there, it's short and sharp! it has the right mix of horror and humour and quite simply characters to die for. The cast work great together and you can tell they're having a riot. The more you watch the film you'll always find something new. The zombies are amazing and actually run (this was probably the first zombie film to have them running). The soundtrack is also great with a load of 1980's punk songs too, the only problem with the DVD is that the soundtrack has been tampered with along with the zombie's voices :-( the old VHS is better apart from the grainy picture. The most fun you'll ever get out of a zombie movie!
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The Warriors (1979)
8 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This film is a pure cult classic! I borrowed it from a friend and watched it a few months ago and as soon as I'd seen it I was ordering it for my self! It's about rival gangs in new york all out to get the Warriors,a gang from cony island who have been falsely accused of murder.The film plays like a video game(I also own that too which was brought out twenty five years after the film).With great performances from low key actors(especially James Remar) and a pumping funky soundtrack the Warriors is a winner! This film oozes style. Look out for a young David Patrick Kelly (Commando,The Crow,Last Man Standing) as the real bad guy and leader of gang called The Rogues!
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This is terrible,Stay away from this film!!!
10 February 2006
Seen it on the pictures and i couldn't wait for it to end,thought id give it another go on DVD with my folks and i was yet again subjected to 86 minutes of pure trash,my parents fell asleep even before it ended! The acting is terrible,Busta rhymes is a joke,there is nothing and i mean nothing new about this entry.It seems the director didn't give a monkey's behind about this film,i would be embarrassed to have my name on the credits.Definitely the worst Halloween film by far!!! I'd rather watch paint dry,at least that would be more interesting...

Michael myers R.I.P (if only) some genius is going to bring out Halloween 9...
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