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Victoria (2015/II)
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Gripping!, 7 July 2016

From the first frame I was really drawn to the very realistic storytelling, not just the script, but the character build-up and how lifelike the actors are.

I felt I was experiencing it with them as it happened and part of the group.

An unlikely encounter triggers one event after the other in a seemingly continuous shot - The events begin at around 4am in Berlin and continue real-time.

It will not be everyone's cup of tea, but those who like it, will like it a lot, I feel.

Tracks (2013/I)
This is cinema, this is reality!, 21 January 2016

This is a very interesting examination of human nature,

one aspect of it, anyway, namely Freedom! This is a piece of cinema catering to the ones that want to explore said aspect on yet another,

possibly unachievable level.

For the pioneering spirits, the renegades of society, faint reminders of where we come from (from the point of the protagonist) and how far we have to reach to grasp our true desires -- in this case to be truly free.

A modern-day epic that sneaks in some good humour and free-spirited adventures. And a nice hidden gem of movies

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A welcome chance to catch up on bonding between the two, 13 June 2013

I think this is a fairly decent episode in perhaps one of the best TV series I've ever seen. I, for one, loved the minimalist feel of it all. This show is almost always super-fast paced where the "Well, that escalated quickly" meme could be used, and this episode is not one of that calibre. It doesn't reveal anything you didn't already know, didn't really build up to anything towards the end, and could have been skipped completely without compromising the story.

With that said, I really enjoyed it because of the psychological (and almost psychedelic) tension it puts on. The smoke detector present in both beginning and end reminds you of HAL from 2001, when Jesse is picking a tool is an excellent homage to that scene in Pulp Fiction, and the whole OCD thing Walt was going through with his sleep deprivation puts things in perspective for a guy that otherwise won't deviate from plan -- And one of the few episodes when Jesse has to talk sense into him.

And the whole "Chaos theory", the universe is random, but randomness is related bit, is touching on more fundamental questions.

Sure, by no means the strongest of episodes, but just goes to show you again how much attention is paid to details in this excellent series.

My two cents, but if you are reading this review you are obviously watching the show, and it CERTAINLY merits a re-watch as you pick up so many new things the second time around

2010: Moby Dick (2010) (V)
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An abomination... even for a B movie, 21 November 2010

This take on the classic literary masterpiece Moby-Dick does not deserve to be even mentioned in the same sentence. Herman Melville is turning in his grave right now. Just about the only thing that's related to the book are the names of the characters. The story is set in a present day submarine, features some of the worst acting imaginable, grade school quality production, and just about the worst script.

And the worst part about it is that it takes itself seriously. I am sure it will quickly make it's way to IMDb's bottom 100. I am just happy I didn't waste any money on this pile of crap.