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Racism and Activism in Rural Ireland, 6 February 2005

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When the inhabitants of a small, rural Irish village learn that the government intends to place a number of asylum seekers into their village, it provokes a lot of mixed feelings in the community. Most are extremely opposed to this, but some intend to embrace the situation with open arms. Leading the opposition front is the local, hypocritical shopkeeper, who pretends to be sweet, friendly and warm. He and his sidekick, a bigoted loud-mouth, do their best to stop any asylum seekers, but fate always intervenes. Oh, and the shopkeeper's wife is having an affair with the local doctor. Fate intervenes for them as well... but what will happen in the end? Be assured of a lot of laughs and tears before the final credits roll on this excellent satire of how the Irish are incredibly racist and mostly deny it. Tremendous acting, brilliant show.