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the story of Chopin's love for writer George Sand, 6 February 2005

I thought I knew everything about Polish pianist Frederic Chopin living in Paris, but this film thought me even more. This is the true story about his 8-year love story with writer George Sand (a prolific and talented woman writer who used a man's name in order to sell her books in France).

A docu-drama, it is the best combined use of art, dance, music and acting in a single film i've ever seen assembled. The photography is full of creativity and inspiration; simply outstanding. The minimalist sets are all you need to allow you to completely zoom-in on the acting and the emotions lived by the actors.

This film has all the directing talent that you could ever imagine as the best. Phil Comeau is an inspired director.

I encourage you to see it too. It is available in French or English.

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a great Acadian drama!, 6 February 2005

I was completely enchanted by this period film, especially by it's script richness and it's tenderness and sensibility in the directing. The actors all win 10's! It is in the enchanting style of the classic film THE PIANO, but it is much better! It is the story about an Acadian woman living in a seashore village in 19th century Nova Scotia, Canada, who takes her destiny in her hands, after accepting in her household, a mysterious shipwrecked guy found on the beach. It is in French with English subtitles. I saw it here in Paris.

I searched the web for more information on this mysterious man called Jerome, and found out that this is a true story! This man really existed! Amazing! It is as if ET had appeared in 1856 in North America. It combines the mystery of a man of unknown origin who changes people around him, all the while remaining mute, not the easiest part to play, but done with brio. I also saw on the web, that this film has won 16 international awards around the world. Well awarded! The principal part is played by Acadian Myriam Cyr, who plays her character like a classical violin; she is simply excellent and completely convincing; it is definitely her best acting part ever, this is the woman who played in Gothic by Ken Russell years ago in London. Her husband is played by Corsican German Houde, who at the opening is any woman's nightmare. Also a convincing role. And of course, there is Denis Lepalme, who plays his mute part with such sensitivity, that you are drawn to him instantly. Other excellent actors are Remy Girard (Barbarian Invasions & Declin of the American Empire) as a ex-Patriot from Quebec, and Viola Leger as the ambitious store keeper.

Photography is incredibly beautiful, and Art direction is among the best I've seen in years. This Canadian director, Phil Comeau, knows what he's doing. He is full of sensitivity and talent and definitely an inspired director to follow. Finally, the script (which he co-wrote) is among the best i've seen in years. This is an excellent film to watch and enjoy.

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a great family adventure movie, 6 February 2005

Older, I watched this family TV movie with my nephews and they really enjoyed it. They got scared, excited, laughed, and were quite pleased with the ending of the story. It definitely is an exciting adventure film for the family. Kris Lemche, the star, is a great young actor. Script is not always up to par, but the directing is very good. Feels like the director did an incredible job with the script he was given. The Art direction has an inspiring castle, and wonderful dragons done in computer generated images. Feels like medieval Europe with Amercain & Canadian actors; a great mix. I recommend this film for your kids too. It will make them dream, and wish they could live these type of adventures. This film will make them live it!