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A Good Movie for laughs, 20 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This will be my first review in IMDb, because this was the first movie that made me laugh so hard.

First of all, you might think this movie sucks or it's worthless, but this movie didn't bore me at all and it made me laugh, I don't usually laugh a lot in movies, but this one got me.

The story starts with Jay Baruchel reuniting with Seth Rogen, Seth, then invites Jay to come with him to James Franco's new house. After that, all things get screwed up and they discover that it is the Apocalypse. They decide to stay in James Franco's house until the Apocalypse ends.

I love the way that they play as their selves and create a story all through out the movie. If you think this movie has no potential, that is where you are wrong. This movie will make your day and (IMO) and make you smile.