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Cool Show, 9 July 2005

This show started a real comedy boom in Germany. When it was shown first in 1993, nobody knew this kind of TV show here. Sure there were some similar shows before like "Total Normal". But so much various characters like in this show there weren't before. For example some sketches playing with words: "Der Sport" (translated: Sports) or "Kentucky schreit ficken" (translated: Kentucky screams CENSORED). "Zwei Stühle, eine Meinung" (translated: Two chairs, one opinion) or "Schreinemakers Ihre Schwester-TV" were funny talk shows. All of the actors in this show became popular in Germany later. And tough RTL Samstag Nacht stopped its production in 1997 its broadcoasted today on some TV programmes.

"Anke" (2000)
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good sitcom!, 24 March 2005

There are only 24 episodes, but I think it's still a funny series. It's about the redaction of a talk show. Anke is the host of the talk show and often she has problems with guest in the show or with her boyfriend. Anke! was shown very often in the last years but there still weren't made more episodes. Anke Engelke is one of the best female comedians I know in Germany. Her show "ladykracher" was more successful than this sitcom. But you know it from other German TV Productions. Often nobody wants to produce them. So some seasons only have 6 episodes. Or a series has only one season, like this series. But you still should have seen it.

very good drama series, 22 March 2005

This series is the German Emergency Room. There are different characters of doctors and patients, there's something funny and something sad. The series is about the Emergency Room of an hospital in Hamburg. My favourite characters were Dr Brotesser and Dr Pacek. But the two doctors got an own praxis. A new series called Broti&Pacek started about that. It's one of the best German series I've ever seen. Unfortunentaly most other countries don't translate an European series. But if they ever start to do that the should translate Alphateam first. If you want to watch Alphateam try to get Sat 1 on your TV. At the moment Alphateam is shown on Tuesday 10.15 PM (MEZ).