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Newsies (1992)
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This is a great movie!, 21 March 2008

I saw this movie for the first time when my friend brought it over to my house after getting off work. I wanted to watch it because I saw that it featured Ann-Margaret. At first I was disappointed that she had such a minor role, but then I realized just how good an actor Christian Bale is. I'd never seen him in a movie, and I really liked him. I also liked the young man who played Spot Conlon, and the boy who played Crutchy.

Another thing that I like about this movie is that it exposes the way child labor is abused by selfish businessmen, who steal from their teenage employees to pad their pockets. The movie makes you stop and think about child labor, and one may realize that the abuse the newsies suffered is still being suffered by hardworking teenagers who are paid minimum wage for twice the amount of work they are capable of accomplishing.

This is an excellent movie with fairly good music, a little comedy, a good plot, and some touching scenes. Plus you get to see Ann-Margaret.

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I'm no Clark Gable fan, but I liked this movie., 20 March 2008

A rich socialite Sally Parker flees her wedding only to fly to France with an undercover newspaper reporter Mike Anthony. Mike knows that Sally hates reporters, so he keeps his vocation a secret. The two are pursued by police, a rival newspaper man, and a sinister Baron ad Baroness. In the midst of all this there's romance and comedy throughout the film.

I don't really like Clark Gable, but I must admit that he is a good actor, and I like this movie because it is a mix between romance, mystery, and comedy. If you ever run across this movie on Cable or in the store I would recommend watching it. Good movie.

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Charming and funny at the same time!, 12 January 2008

Elvis plays a poor seaman who has his heart set on buying the boat that he and his late father built together. The cast was good and Elvis really put some heart into the acting. The music was average though with silly songs like "Walls Have Ears" and "Three Little Crawfish"; however the songs "Return to Sender" and "A Boy Like Me And a Girl Like You" make up for the sillier songs. I really think the story is touching in view of the fact that Elvis' character cared so much about his father that he was willing to do anything to but the boat to remember him by. Young people don't have much respect for their parents in modern society, and they sometimes scoff at their parents' achievements. I like this movie because it is a picture of a devoted son who really honored his father. There was some mildly suggestive dialog throughout the movie, but it was just suggestive and not too obvious. A good movie for teens!

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This is what I call entertainment!, 9 January 2008

This is one of Elvis' best films! It is very well cast, the plot was interesting, the acting was good, and the music was good. I especially like the song "The Love Machine". The movie does drag a little at the beginning for first time viewers, but the second time through you don't mind as much. This movie features a hilarious yoga scene which will leave everyone in stitches. And don't miss the modern art work sprinkled throughout the film. One of the funniest characters in the movie is Sultan. Although he's only in maybe 2 minutes of the movie, every line he says is funny. Don't miss this movie. It is good clean fun that an entire family can enjoy.

Spinout (1966)
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It's okay, but it will never be my favorite Elvis film., 5 January 2008

This film was rather a disappointment to me. I was expecting a movie similar to Speedway, another film where Elvis is a race car driver. Surprisingly, the fact that Elvis was a race car driver really didn't have that much to do with the movie except at the end. I was also disappointed with Jack Mullaney's performance. I was expecting him to be as funny as he was in Tickle Me when he played Elvis's half-witted sidekick Stanley. Unfortunately, Mullaney had a minor role in this movie, and in my opinion wasn't very funny but just acting stupid. The movie had some good quotes, but the music wasn't all that good, although I love the song "All That I Am". The acting in the movie wasn't the greatest I've seen, but who watches an Elvis movie expecting Oscar grade performances? I think that when watching any Elvis movie one must remember that the movies were made to be funny, light-hearted and showcase Elvis' musical talents; not to be dramatic or violent like other movies. One thing I did like about this movie is that it wasn't particularly dirty. There were a few words that didn't need to be in there, but it wasn't bad in any other way. I wouldn't mind watching it again, but I'd rather watch Follow That Dream or Blue Hawaii if I had a choice.

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Wonderful show!, 8 December 2007

This has got to be one of the funniest shows that ever aired on TV! It was perfectly cast and well written. It is amusing to see how the show incorporated real events like D-Day into some of the episodes. The thing I find most ironic was that Colonel Klink and Sergeant Schultz were both played by Jewish actors! Werner Klemper is indisputably the best part of the show and Leon Askin is perfect a frequent guest star General Burkhalter.

Colonel Hogan is a very interesting character in his own right. It is amazing how he managed to control, what at times seemed like half the German army all because of his flattery. And of course there's Corpral Newkirk the lovable sneak thief, Le Beau the vertically challenged chef, cater the bumbling demolition expert, and Kinch the serious communications officer. All together the make a wild group that will make you laugh hysterically! An excellent family show and well worth the time to watch!

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Elvis homesteads in Florida while facing gangsters, highway supervisors, and welfare agents., 4 June 2007

This movie is Elvis Presley at his best. He plays an innocent good old boy who decides to homestead with his family in Florida. The cast includes Arthur O'Connel and Anne Helm and is definitely a superb production. The plot is good, and I would definitely recommend this movie as a family video. My family loves it.

Some people may say that Elvis' character is stupid, but a close examination reveals that his character is just too innocent to comprehend the underhanded tactics of the people around him. Elvis' character proves his intelligence in a stirring speech delivered near the end of the movie which Elvis performed brilliantly. This is a great movie that you will want to watch over and over

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Good performance by Gene., 12 April 2006

This Gene Autry film was the first to use Faye McKenzie as Gene's leading lady, and she was excellent as Marie Elaina. Gene also was dashing as the movie's hero and the perfect gentleman. This movie included Smiley Burnette as Gene's usual side kick and Harold Huber as the duo's guide. You would not want to miss that comical combination. Another notable member of the cast is Duncan Renaldo who has a small role in this movie. He was also in other Gene Autry films and was later known for his role as the Cisco Kid. Last of all, the music in the movie was stunning. The title song "Down Mexico Way" was written by Michael Carr and Joseph Kennedy the same song writers that wrote "South of the Border" which is also sung in the movie. All around an excellent movie that no Gene Autry fan should miss.

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Excellent plot and outstanding cast!, 8 April 2006

This Gene Autry film is about as good as musical westerns get. The songs are beautifully performed by Gene, Mary Lee, and Smiley Burnette. The movie also features a Great performance by June Storey who portrays Kay Dodge.Smiley Burnette and Mary Lee add comedy to the movie in two scenes that you would not want to miss, and the extra musicians pitch in to compliment the musical aspect of the movie in songs like Rancho Grande and The Swing of the Range.

The plot is exciting from star to finish with 68 minutes packed with action and excitement. This movie definitely ranks as one of Gene's best movies along with Melody Ranch, South of the Border, and Whirlwind.

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Gene Autry cleans up his hometown Torpedo, 5 February 2005

This is my favorite western film. I would gladly recommend it to anyone who enjoys clean entertainment. It features 2 great actors Gene Autry and Jimmy Durante. It provides the family with great entertainment that even young children can enjoy. This film features some very nice songs, among them the title song "Melody Ranch" and "We Never Dream the Same Dream Twice". It is one of the best examples of adventurous musical westerns. Comedy routines including Jimmy Durante make the movie appealing to fun loving audiences as well. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes Gene Autry and his western style of crooning the songs of the old West.