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The more tame and family friendly Jimmy, 11 October 2013

In a sea of talk show hosts, Jimmy Fallon stands out with his skits, celebrity games and songs. Plus, he has the best talk show host band with him as well, the motherfreakin' Roots.

All that said, Jimmy Fallon is also the worst interviewer among the talk show hosts that still try(obviously excluding Leno and Letterman). The celebrity ass kissing is okay, and probably required for the job, but he rarely contributes anything funny to the interview, often just repeating everything that the celebrity says. His overall too nice attitude also leads to some cringe worthy interviews where celebrities just step all over him(just youtube the bruce jenner interview).

Then again, he has a brilliant writing staff and his segments are the funniest you can find on late night TV. Jimmy himself has a lot of talents: singing, impressions, acting but interviewing just isn't part of his arsenal. If you can get past that, then "Late night with Jimmy Fallon" might just be your cup of tea.