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"Sherlock" (2010)
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Omg!, 11 January 2012

Wow! Wow! Wow! That pretty much says all that needs to be said about this programme. As a childhood fan of Sherlock, having read all 56 short stories and all 4 novels by the age of 16, having asked for various editions for birthdays and Xmases since, I have always had high expectations of anything remotely related to Sir A's stories.

Having just come back off holiday in America, and having seen the RDJ films and liked the fun action element in both, in conversation, my friend told me about this version.

I watched it out of sheer Holmes love, and having not expected much, I was shocked to admit it is amazing! Everything positive everyone says about this is fully on point. The stories are faithful to the originals, even more than they can be, being set in our times, yet they are so relevant and real to the modern world it's insane. Benedict is phenomenal as an antagonistic and sociopathic Sherlock (again true to the original) and the style of filming is not dissimilar to that of Hustle, Life on Mars etc, while the pacing and depth of detail are not dissimilar to CSI, 24 etc. If you like any of the above, I'd defy you not to love this.

The twists and modernisations are brilliant - the 5 pips, the pink, the Baskerville complex - and the writing and cast's rendition are eminently lovable/dislikeable which is exactly what Sir A would have wanted were he alive today.

I'm not a bit TV watcher and I'm picky about my programmes, and I could go on and on and on about how surprised I am at how utterly fantastic this is, but none of that would come close. I have had to force myself to only watch one episode a night (somehow I missed it the first time round - so I get the whole DVD fest) but I have rarely looked forward to coming home from work so much, if ever! I am gutted that tonight I will have seen them all so far, but I have the pleasure of watching my other half go though the same amazement, starting tomorrow - he's promised! I don't want to say anything about the programmes here, for fear of spoiling the stories and the fabulousness, other than to say just watch it, watch it, watch it!You won't be disappointed. I promise.