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An amazing character study, 7 June 2005

It is many, many years since I saw this film, but unlike so many others I have seen, I have not forgotten the title or the substance of the film itself. I thought the way that Mr Forbush became so protective of the penguins and their eggs was wholly understandable and it was a hard lesson for him (and us, for that matter) to learn that he was the intruder in that landscape and he had to leave the penguins to protect their own eggs from the skuas. I just love watching penguins, so I got a good dose of that too. As a character study on what living a solitary life can do, I found it quite fascinating. It was not exactly an 'action' movie, but I found it very thought provoking and it sucked me right in from the start and kept me emotionally involved till the end. Well worth a look if you get the chance.

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Underworld - where is the video or DVD?, 7 June 2005

Liddy Oldroyd's 'Underworld' was absolutely brilliant. We were clever enough to tape most of it when it was shown here, but our tape is severely worn and my whole family would dearly love to get a new copy. Does anyone know if the series was ever issued on video or DVD and if so where I could buy one? All my searching and inquiries have yielded nothing so far. It has to be one of the all-time best series I have ever seen and deserves to be available commercially. The whole cast and all the production crew have done an absolutely superb job. But we want to watch it more - someone, anyone, what's the chance of finding a DVD or video copy?