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Excellent Film that Keeps You Engaged, 10 October 2013

If you ask me, "Love is a Thieves' Game" (or "A Thieves' Game) as it is also known, is part "Training Day" meets "Low Winter Sun" ... it is an excellent film that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and full of fun twists. Lincoln (Sam Logan Khaleghi) is a character that is very pinpointed. From the long flowing hair to his edgy walk, Khaleghi plays this character like an 'Urban Musketeer'. The performances were at a top notch grade, the direction was superior, the production design was perfectly created. The gritty environment of Detroit is captured perfectly on film!. Also, the soundtrack is really good from James Sthonehouse who composes an elemental emotion on camera that takes you from scene to scene, it works so well. I saw this film at the Detroit Dreaming Film Festival where it won "Best Narrative Feature Film" and I highly recommend this film.

Iron Man 3 (2013)
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Good Film, 6 October 2013

IRON MAN 3 is just plain awesomeness. I think Ben Kingsley did such a good job that I think I'm okay with the feel steering away slightly from the comics.

I am excited about Robet Downey Jr coming back in an Avengers film and playing this character. He has done is so skillfully that quite frankly, I am not sure who they are thinking of to do it later. IRON MAN 3 features so many unique amazing costumes that I was just so pleased with the design aspects. a good movie all around. There are a plethora of suits that show up that fans will be pleased who can name them all.

Pepper Potts, is probably the most dynamic character in the film, and I don't want to give anything away, but she challenges Iron Man in a way that reminds me of Superman/WonderWoman dynamics.

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a Brilliant Movie, I Loved It, 6 October 2013

Academy Awards, take notice! Great Acting and Great Scenery make for a Great Film. I was lucky enough to see Approaching Midnight in the movie theater at Cobb Theater in Clearwater, Florida. I plan on buying the DVD from Best Buy this week because I am a huge fan of military movies, crime movies and there's over 5 making of documentaries on this DVD.

The movie's co-star Jana Kramer (ACM's New Female Vocalist of the Year for 2013), Michelle Lynne Balser (Locked in a Room) Mia Serafino (Saving Mr. Banks with Tom Hanks) are awesome in the movie, and provide good acting with good scenery. Sam Logan Khaleghi's (director/actor) managed to do a perfect job of working both on and behind the camera, and joins so many others that have done so recently. I'm excited to find some of his earlier work as a producer. I really enjoyed this film and I was a fan of his previous work on MTV.

I heard it was filmed in Michigan which is a very popular place with filmmakers lately (ie the new Batman vs Superman and Transformers). It's hard to resist the beauty of the state, although the film takes place in a fictional all American city. It's action packed indeed, but aside from that, I loved the whole Main Street, Horses, Big Town politics versus Small Town politics dialogue that makes for an awesome script. I was at the edge of my seat during the entire climax of the movie, especially the courtroom sequence and it held my attention solid. The acting was probably the best part.