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I like these guys because of their acting, their screen-presence, or their magnetism. I admit there are actors on here that I find attractive, but there's also something more than just looks about them that I like.
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I will use this list to keep track of movies that I watch for the first time, starting May 1, 2011 and continuing from that point on.
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This is a list of actresses that I have enjoyed watching in movies and television. I think they are good actors, but they also appeal in their personalities and their dedication to their craft.
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These are a mix of animated movies and tv shows of all kinds that I like. They are not all for kids. I'm not including Christmas specials in this list.
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Movies that I've watched once, and don't care to ever rewatch, for whatever reasons. Usually one of the following:

1. Really boring.
2. Inane and silly or Waste of Time.
3. Very disturbing or scary. Messes with my head in a bad way.
4. A bad movie (and made me regret spending time and money on it).
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These are the movies from the classic era of films that I enjoy and consider favorites.
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These are the comedy movies that I found to be hilarious and I really enjoyed.
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These are my favorite historical setting movies. They range from early AD to the early/mid 20th century. Some of these are fantasy, but they show historical elements (hopefully, but not necessarily accurate) in a strong, appealing fashion.
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These are the shows that I have watched and enjoyed tremendously over the years of being a tv buff.