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Very Good!, 19 May 2005

Okay, this film is good because of the way the actors portray the characters, Rahul, Tina and Anjali. These three names are now embedded into bollywood history don't you think. I can't believe people actually cried watching this film alright its emotional but its not all that, to tell you the truth i have seen more emotional movies and i also think girls cry watching anything sloppy i am not trying to be sexist but its the truth. Don't you think this film copied parts of grease from the songs in the college. i actually watched this film as a films studies segment of my course and my western friends said it was corny i don't know if they'd seen other films but all bollywood films are CORNY! The songs in this film are great especially saajan ke ghar aye and kuch kuch hota hai i think the songs of this film have become a part of bollywood evergreens such as DDLJ, Jatin- Lalit, the composers have done wonders for the chopra/johar camp i don't know why they don't make music for them any more.

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too sad man!, 15 May 2005

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This film is one of the saddest films i have watched the acting done by many of the actors is impressive even salman does an okay job. I never watched this film when it came out but i watched it on television a few years back it has to be without a doubt one of the best films that bollywood has produced and that is because of the extensive attention to detail that is shown by the actors portraying deaf/mute characters. The thing that lingers in my memory is when manisha koiralla or whatever her name is gets involved in an accident the father who is a deaf mute played by nana patheker does a lot of things to make her wake up i don't know why but this made me cry non stop for a deaf guy to do a job to help his daughter out is impressive even though this is a work of fiction. The songs are fine and catchy especially the one salman sings in the church 'jani suno' i think it is called. I would recommend this film to anyone even people who don't like watching films and that is because it is a great film.

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what a film!, 18 February 2005

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I was really excited when this film was going to be released because I loved the first spider-man film and really enjoyed it, also the idea of doc ock as being the main villain was truly stimulating. I watched this film and noticed it that it was more true than the comics than the first film only a few minor miscalculations like doc ock's accent being British when it should have been German. This is a truly exhilarating masterpiece again from Sam Raimi's imaginative mind i now can't wait for the third one as it finishes in a cliffhanger with Harry being the new green goblin. In a sense i can't see James Franco playing the green goblin but we have to wait and see the film.

Pakeezah (1972)
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beautiful songs!, 17 February 2005

This film is one of Bollywood's finest masterpieces i say this because of the songs and the music which still linger in my memory and will always be there no matter what. The songs chalte chalte and chale dildar chalo are the best songs in my opinion ever been produced and sung in Bollywood. Especiallly the voice of Mohd Rafi whose truly inspiring whose voice will never be replaced by anyone because of his beautiful singing style. One of the things that hit me after looking at the trivia is that it took twelve years to make, what a long time to make a film, don't you think! The story itself of the film is also of pure genius as films like this kind of suspense and tragedy will never be produced ever again by Bollywood, as the golden era of Indian cinema has all since forgotten by directors who only go for actors and story lines which in my opinion are the same. One thing that strikes me down is that this film was one of Meena Kumari's last movie appearances before she died and in my eyes her best ever performance on the silver screen.

Veer-Zaara (2004)
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good but vastly overrated, 10 February 2005

this film is good because of the way in which it depicts people from across the India/Pakistan divide. One thing that i couldn't believe is that it was number 4 in the top 10 cinema grossing in the united kingdom which is something as it beat of competition from American movies which are more realistic. As in all Bollywood films the touch of realism is missing which is an integral part of Hollywood films and one of the reasons why Hollywood films are more praised than Bollywood films. From my memory i can say that one of the films weak points was the way in which it showed Shah Rukh is an old guy in jail who suddenly speaks after seeing Rani Mukherji without saying a word for over twenty years, what stupidity does Bollywood seriously want us to believe,well i don't. Overall, the film was heart wrenching as the emotional acting was superb as with all Aditya Chopra scripted films but the let down is the poorly attention to detail in realistic circumstances.

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a good movie with exceptional songs!, 5 February 2005

When i first heard about this film my friend was humming a tune from the score and I instantly asked him what album does the song come from as the song really was awesome, he told me about kaho naa pyar hai and about it being a love story with excellent songs. Without any other information i went and watched the film and i was awestruck by the music and the story as it really got to me. The new actor Hrithik was very good at his acting and i have watched all his films since then as well as Amisha who was great in the film, Gadar i knew from that moment when i first watched the film that it will be a classsic and it still is and i hope more films like this are produced in the future with catchy songs and brilliant story lines.

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Amazing piece of brilliance from bollywood, 4 February 2005

this film is a memorable masterpiece from Bollywood, i say this because of the songs and the storyline which still is and always will be one of the best in Indian cinema history. Shah Rukh gives his all time best acting in this film i know you won't agree on me on this but i think all the other films he has made since then he has overacted in them. When i first watched this film it made me cry which was something as i usually don't shed a tear when watching a movie it gave new meaning to the phrase love conquers all. The songs will always be a part of my memories especially tujhe dekha to which Kumar Sanu and Lata Mangeshkar do an absolutely awesome job on. All i can say now is this, thank you Bollywood for this pleasant movie.

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dreadful, 3 February 2005

This film is so crap it redefines the word crap. Why oh why did Hollywood make this piece of unhygienic waste when they could have spent more time on creating more wonderful pieces of art such as that of the film spider-man.

T3 fails on all levels, storyline, direction and acting. First, the storyline is utter nonsense because of the way it depicts the future and the past. Secondly, the direction is that a dog could have done a better job and finally the actors poorly portray the characters which James Cameron has tried so hard to produce. One thing that truly makes me want to puke is that the fact that i actually liked Arnold's films before i watched this with memories of T2 still in my mind, after watching the excellent film in my childhood.