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A different kind of movie, 25 October 2013

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I just watched 'Jake's Closet' today and was surprised this movie was not what I was expecting. Netflix labeled this one as a horror movie, but it is anything but a horror movie. However, I kept watching this one because the family turmoil was angering. And, if you are emotionally charged from the movie, they are doing something right. I doubt that this movie will ever be considered a classic. But, it should be required viewing for quite a few people out there today. Thinking about divorce? Going through a divorce or recently divorced? Watch this movie! Anger management issues? Watch this movie! Ever had an inkling of a thought that you were a bad parent? Watch this movie! Have a low IQ and children? Watch this movie!

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Bang Your Head!, 3 October 2013

Metallica does it again! These guys always know how to raise the bar for every other metal band out there. IMAX 3D is the way to go! Almost everyone was amped in the theater and we were all pretty much rocking in our seat and singing along. We were even clapping like it was an actual concert! Metallica provided total energy throughout the film. It was 70% concert (like you were on stage with them), 25% action movie, and 5% music video! Anyway, they did not skimp on the effects or the sound! I'm not sure what ssp113 was talking about when he/she stated that the resolution was awful. It was the coolest and clearest thing ever! So, if you are a metal fan and, especially, a Metallica fan, you are going to love this film and rock your way through it!

Grey Skies (2010)
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This one is watchable., 3 October 2013

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I saw that this movie had only one good review. So, I wanted to know if that one person was a wacko, or not. Anyway, the movie was not as bad as the other reviews said it was. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't great! The characters are pretty flat, and the drama they tried to build with personal relationships didn't really work. That being said, there was a little creepiness as long as they weren't showing you anything. Then, they pulled an "Insidious" and showed you too much with regards to the alien abductions and the experimentations. And provided a bad ending, to boot. All in all, if you have no other movies to watch, you could do a lot worse.