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Good Night, Tokyo, 12 February 2005

I laughed when I saw the first scene of the movie. I cried when I said the end of the movie.

This movie make laugh and make cry. Because of this, I don't know if it's a comedy or a drama. Maybe a bit of each one. Has got comedy scenes (the film-making of Bob Harris) but sad scenes (the loneliness of Charlotte). This movie is just perfect because of his power of tell us how two people can be in love in the most radical possibilities: finding themselves in a hotel in Tokio. The beautiful of the images and the sound of the music (what a great song, the song "Girls" of DEATH IN VEGAS).

When I saw this movie, I asked myself "What is love?" I tried to answer myself, but I couldn't. Days after, I thought love is ILUSION, POWER, BEAUTY, FREEDOM... What is LOST IN TRANSLATION? Lost in Translation is more than love. Is, like this movie's song, MORE THAN THIS. It's more than you can think.

The beauty end makes this movie the best of 2003.

Solas (1999)
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A Mother's Love, 12 February 2005

When I saw this movie, nobody told me his plot. I just watched it and at the end, my heart was broke, but was too stunned. The story is so hard of tell, and Benito Zambrano, the director, does it slowly, showing all the sensitive possible, and making cry everybody.

But... what wants to show this movie? Only one thing: A mother's love. The performance of Maria Galiana is absolutely PERFECT. Ana Fernandez and Carlos Alvarez Novoa are correct, but Maria Galiana is better than they. I cried watching the movie because of the end, just look the scene when the mother's sleeping in front of the sunset. Just beautiful.

The powerful of the images and the impact of the performances make of SOLAS the best movie of 90s in Spain.

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Good Spanish Thriller Fiction, 2 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's stunning and wonderful to see nowadays in Spain a TV-movie or series like this, MOTIVOS PERSONALES. I think it's a great opportunity to see the good film-making of the influence of American series like "24" or "C.S.I.". Of course, "Motivos Personales" isn't like this series.

"Motivos Personales" starts with a suicide, or a murder. The most incredible thing of the series is the wonderful cast: Lydia Bosch, Fernando Guillen, Chema Muñoz, Begoña Maestre, Concha Velasco, Gines Garcia Millan, Pedro Casablanc, Daniel Freire... I enjoyed yesterday crying with the character of Casablanc's wife. I think she doesn't love him. But this is not a love story. Lydia Bosch is STUNNING, INCREDIBLE, WONDERFUL, GREAT, SURPRISING, MESMEREZING, BREAKTAKING and FABULOUS. I didn't thought that she was going to do it as better as it's.

My favorite scenes of the chapter of yesterday were when Natalia Nadal (Lydia Bosch) discovered that her husband is unfaithful to her, and the last scene, when she looks to the camera "live" in the news on TV. Great scene. I hope Lydia will continue like she's at the moment in this series: PERFECT.

My rating of MOTIVOS PERSONALES: 10.

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The GOOD Education, 2 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Although I know that Pedro Almodovar lives since 1999 a great success with his new movies like "All About My Mother", "Talk to Her" and "Bad Education", I think that the darkest movie of Almodovar is "Bad Education". This movie is dark because shows a small part of Spanish live: religion, church and faith in God. Some people I know didn't watched the movie because talked "bad" about Catholic religion and God and Christ. I think that's not the lead topic of the plot of this movie. It's a dark plot that tell us the DARK love story of two boys of 12 years old and the changes of their lives years after. The secrets, the silence, the film-making... everything is excellent in this movie because you don't wait the end... the most stunning end I remember of a Spanish movie I've actually seen.

The actors, of course, are great. Gael leads the movie like an angel, doing three different characters. The character I liked of Gael was Zahara, a typical Almodóvar's movies character, but in this time very female and beautiful. I didn't like his other characters. And of the other actors I can say that they're so GOOD. Fele Martínez feels like reading the screenplay but does bad the character in some moments, Javier Cámara, THE BEST OF THE MOVIE!!! See Him Acting like "Paquita"!!! You will laugh a lot and enjoy watching his performance!!! Other actors like Lluis Homar and Daniel Gimenez Cacho are too wonderful. Francisco Boira like Ignacio is an absolute revelation... ummmm. Ignacio. I don't know what to say. I don't want to show the end of the movie.

I'm sad because this year nobody has looked Almodovar's movie with good eyes. Everybody loved Amenábar's THE SEA INSIDE, the true opposite movie to BAD EDUCATION in 2004 Spanish Cinema.

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