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Devil (2010)
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What do you call a horror movie that is not scary? Devil, 17 September 2010

I guess I should have been tipped off that this film was not screened for critics, very wise. None the less, I wanted to see a movie so I gave it a shot. What I got was a very uninspired and ludicrous film that was just flat out boring. There was literally not one scene in this movie that made you jump or feel scared. The characters lacked any development and the script was just, well, uninspired. This looks like one of those studio leftovers that they decided to dump on the public with the tease that M. Night Shamylan had something to do with it. I would suggest "The Last Exorcist" if you were interested in a horror film with some imagination and some real scares.

Restrepo (2010)
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Not very informative or entertaining, 14 September 2010

The problem I had with this "movie," is that it was not much of a movie at all. It seemed like two guys decided they were going to embed and then make a movie about their experiences, whether there were any experiences to really show. We see a lot of forced shots where the soldiers really have nothing to say. It is as if they feel compelled to give the directors something, so they just start performing. I am very interested in this conflict and the men that fight it, but this documentary was inferior to stuff I have already seen on National Geographic and other news stations. In the end, it is rather dull. We are instead party to a number of young men trying to come up with something entertaining for the directors, as if their mission was secondary.

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Probably the Worst Film I Have Seen in Years, 15 November 2009

I was shocked that a movie with such a strong cast could be so incredibly awful. Everyone in this film was handcuffed by one of the worst scripts and most unimaginative directing one could imagine. It was as if Hoffman was just going through the motions here, along with everybody else. The scenes of people delighting to the pirate radio in private were laughably unrealistic. The supposed rebel DJs that worked on the boat did not posses an ounce of talent or entertainment ability, which begs the question, why would people have listened at all to this station? I'm sorry, perhaps if I never went out to watch movies or had a 4th grade intellect and maturity I would have found this horrible film entertaining, but neither of those is true and this film stunk!

Bronson (2008)
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A Very Memorable and Fantastic Film!, 14 November 2009

Charles Bronson is the alias of an incredibly violent and angry man. Why he is this way, nobody knows, least of which himself. The film makers have no idea either, but it really does not matter. The greatness of the movie is watching the amazing performance given by the lead actor. He is incredibly engaging and incredibly disturbing. He can be engaging, but more often than not, he is incredibly angry and very prone to violence. Correction, he is pure violence, it is the thing he most desires. Of course. his actions only lead to his continuous stay in prison, but that is fine with him, he loves it there. Very surreal, very strange, very hypnotic. Lots of great music, powerful performances, ultra-violent, great film!

Brüno (2009)
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More of a Jackass than Borat, 12 July 2009

Sasha Baron Cohen wanted to follow his Borat movie with a new movie based on his third character, Bruno (he also has a character named Ali G). I will admit, on his TV show, I always found the Bruno skits just as funny as anything he did as Ali G or Borat, sometimes more funny. However, this movie is not nearly as creative or as funny as The Ali G Show. The plot is a mess, originally trying to follow the Borat blueprint, but eventually giving way to just endless shock gags. I was expecting Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O to show up. It seems that Cohen wanted to expose bigotry and intolerance, but he was having a hard time doing it, primarily because most of the characters seemed intent on playing off the ridiculous advances made by the Bruno character, until they reached molestation proportions. Bruno eventually has to amp up his outrageous behavior and actions until they reach a repugnant nature. I think any normal person would be repelled by Bruno's behavior, but I guess we are supposed to believe that these reactions are hateful and bigoted. Coupled with these reactions to shocking scenes there are unrelated segments with baby models and Mexican furniture, that don't seem to have any real place in the movie, just there for more gags. I will give Cohen credit for one thing, he has more courage than any man on this earth and as Bruno on the TV show, he was able to make insightful entertainment out of it. However, in this movie, not so much.

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So historically inaccurate that I cannot recommend it, 1 July 2009

I have no problem with Hollywood movies. However, when you pretend that you are making a biopic or reenacting history, well, you need to be kind of realistic. This movie is one lie after another. It opens up right from the start with lie #1, Pretty Boy Floyd being killed by Melvin Purvis. Not only did Purvis not kill him, but Floyd would not die for several years later, well after Dillinger. Later we see Baby Face Nelson being shot and killed after the shoot-out and Little Bohemia. Uhh, nope, that is a lie as well. Nelson would die over a year later in another incident, well after Dillinger. Then Mann makes up this bogus relationship between Dillinger and Billie. Nope, did not happen that way either. I thought filmmakers had evolved into a position where they were able to make entertaining movies while sticking to the truth. Apparently Mann does not regard truth as being important. I mean, why even bother calling the movie Dillinger if you are going to lie about so many historical events, why not just make it a complete work of fiction? And the romanticizing of Dillinger was also ridiculous, the man was popular, but he was not nearly as "saintly" as Mann tries to make you believe. Dillinger had a lot of blood on his hands and many dark things in his past.

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Very Dark and Very Funny!, 11 April 2009

This is not your standard comedy. The main character in the movie is a bi-polar, living t home, deranged and violent individual. However, he is also very funny. Moreover, his fellow renta-c- cops are also very funny. The story is about Ronny (Rogan) trying to find his place and win the girl of his dreams. When a flasher causes the girl of his dreams to have an episode, Ronny knows what he has to do, get the pervert and win her love. But who would know that things would get so complicated? This film has kind of a "Bad Santa" quality to it, because the main characters are very flawed, even though they are the heroes of our stories. The movie does have a lot of profanity and violence, but it also has an insane charm about it. I am not a big Seth Rogan fan, but I really appreciated this film, due to a great story and great performances. Moreover, there are more than a few classic scenes here. Please don't think this is going to be anything like Paul Blartt, because you will come out of this movie in shock. GREAT FILM! Not for crybabies and sensitive Nancy Boys.

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A Scathing Indictment on the Criminal Justice System, and One Hell of a Great Movie, 2 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The one reality of this film is that the kid probably did kill his father. Yes, Fonda's character is very skilled at manipulating the facts in the jury room, which does create enough reasonable doubt in the minds of a confused jury. Fonda truly does have the "soft sell." Of course, Fonda's acts should have been carried out by the public defender who was representing the kid, if they had, the district attorney could have countered all of them. But the fact that the public defender did such a poor job, it ends up actually handicapping the prosecution. Everything in the jury room is left to speculation, because it could not be fully uncovered in the court room. All of the points made by Fonda could have easily been addressed and most likely shot down by the DA. If anything, they could have been explored. I think this movie speaks towards the poor defense that most poor/minorities get when their lives are turned over to public defenders that are working 10 cases at one time. This is after all a Warren Era case. In the end, we have a jury trial, in which the Prosecution presents an open and shut case. The defense is too incompetent to make one valid argument for not guilty. However, the case gets re-argued in the jury room, by twelve amateurs that don't really have all the information they need to properly asses the facts of the case. The reality is, that if the kid had had a good defense attorney, he would have been found guilty. But the bad job done by his ill-prepared attorney created the perfect conditions for one juror to raise reasonable doubt. Now, if that is not an indictment against our criminal justice system, I don't know what is.

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Awful Ending Tarnishes Pretty Decent Film, 31 August 2008

The first 2/3 of Transsiberian is a pretty interesting film. We follow two Americans as they travel from China to Moscow on a famous rail line from the cold war era. The images of life on the train transport you to an old Soviet style of life that can be downright claustrophobic. I am willing to forgive Woody Harrelson's "Aww Shucks" country performance as he gushes in every scene about how "neat" something is. Soon the couple is sharing their cabin with a mysterious Spaniard and American couple, that just ooze intrigue. Hints are dropped about corrupt police and drug dealers as we see the two couples interact. The makings for a pretty good film are firmly established. However, at about the 2/3 mark, the director decides he is just going to fall back and make a clichéd Hollywood action movie. I was rubbing my eyes in disbelief, as I thought I was viewing a different movie. We get standard chases, standard switches and the prettiest bow that has ever been tied on a present. Everything gets wrapped up neatly and happily, which is too bad and too simple. The images of Siberia are beautiful and make for a good show, it is too bad that the director could not close the show.

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Despair, 14 August 2008

Akarui mirai is a film that has one theme, despair. We see a Japanese society that offers little in the way of hope, prosperity, fun or happiness. A chance for a bright future is denied to the young and has already passed up the old. Our two main characters live lives that are pointless and dull. Our protagonist momentarily feels that at least he can claim being good as arcade games as an accomplishment, but soon sees that he is not even good at that. The two soon see that even their "successful" boss, who has a wife and child, has no life worth celebrating or enjoying. Such despair will cause one of the two friends to give up on a bright future and one to make one last attempt at finding hope for that bright future, but sadly, it appears very doubtful that that bright future will come.

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