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Entertaining and informative, 16 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Saif and Rani look awesome and realistic as a couple. they are portrayed as a family with two kids, but they manage to balance appearing like good parents and showing that they still cared deeply about each other. The scenes between the two were filled with deep romance, and without showing sex scenes, imagine that! The acting is excellent, though the girl who plays Princess could have been better cast. the son, champ, makes up for that oversight.

Simultaneously, while being a good love story, this movie teaches a generation that has learnt to buy on credit, not to. One concern was in the first half this movie, through the Cool Saif, glorifies spending beyond means "installments," don't worry, were his lines. but the second half teaches about what the consequences of that action are. This lesson adds a plot twist to the movie. It is overdone at points, but it is a good message, and integral to the plot.

a Must Watch for those who want a hatke but still mainstream love story.

The Guardian (2006/I)
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One of Costner's best and shows Kutcher's potential, 23 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went into this movie with mixed feelings. It had great trailers and the storyline sounded interesting. But I was worried about Ashton Kutcher's presence in the movie. Yet, this new actors acts relatively well. The greatest selling point of this movie is the chemistry between Kutcher and Costner. The veteran actor's acting talents cover up Kutcher's minor gaffes.

Through this movie, I could predict what would happen.... until the very end. The twist at the end of the movie makes the movie worth seeing.

Yet though this movie is mostly predictable, it is worth a see. It is entertaining and uplifting. The story is Randall (Costner) is a seasoned rescue swimmer with the US Coast guard. He is respected and a legend. Yet, he looses his team. In the aftermath of this his captain sends him to teach the new generation to recuperate. There he meets Fischer (Kutcher), a smart aleck who is for some unfathomable reason determined to succeed and become a rescue swimmer. Randall and Fischer are initially at odds as Randall wants to make committed dedicated team players who are willing to sacrifice their life and he does not feel Fischer fits into that model. Fischer, on the other hand, sees Randall as a washed up former legend who is just penalizing him for being better then Randall. It takes an unexpected act of kindness from Randall to Fischer and a phone call to Randall to turn this enmity into an endearing friendship/mentorship. The fact that this relationship is on the boundary makes it less clichéd and more respectable.

Well worth a watch.

Fanaa (2006)
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An excellent movie: A love everyone and no one wants, 6 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As the title says, Fanaa is a love story. Loving one's country and spouse. In the end for both Rehan and Zooni it comes down to the choice between country and spouse.

This is an excellent movie. I resisted seeing it in the theaters, fearing a rehash of Dil Se. This movie has something for everyone, the youngest child to the adult.

As is typical of Yash Raj productions you have the patriotic moments (K3G's Kajol anyone?) But this film has the darker aspects, as the original rendition of Sare Jahaan Se Accha in a low tone. In the interspersing of shots of the splendor of Kashmir and the military presence.

This film would not have worked without the acting of its actors and actresses-Kirron Kher as Nasifa Ali Beg, Kajol's mom, Rishi Kapoor, and of course Aamir and Kajol. Unlike in K3G Kajol looks GORGEOUS in every shot while not loosing her charm and wit. The child actor who plays child Rehan, CUUUUTE.

Like everyone says, the movie's second half is the best. Aamir and Kajol look better in the 2nd half. For once, a Hindi movie does not drag. It is fast speed.

The love story in this movie... a friend and I watched it. Even knowing Aamir had a dark side, my friend and I couldn't help fall for Rehan Qadri's lines.

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surprisingly historically accurate, 30 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have spent about a year researching the Danish resistance. One of my research topics was the standard narrative around the Danish resistance. I heard of this movie and thought it would follow the standard narrative closely.

Yet, it treats the story with historical care, mentioning the August rising, and the pre-existing resistance and much more.

Yes, the acting...leaves a lot to be desired. Sam Waterson and Justin Whalin, excellent actors in other venues but not here.

But the excellent script and emotional nature of the story makes it a great watch!

It is written in a way that the whole family can enjoy. teenagers will enjoy the slightly rebellious Henrik. Adults will enjoy the story. Their is a small love story and a greater story of friendship, patriotism, and good triumphing over evil.

Ishq (1997)
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A movie for the entire family, 25 July 2006

I have watched this movie to the point where I have memorized it and am still enjoying it, which is surprising given how I feel about comedies. This is a Romance film, comedy film, a film about true friendship and family. In this one case, trust friends over family. Trust love and heart over bonds of birth.

Ishq is the story of 2 sets of friends Ajay (Ajay Devgan) and Raja (Aamir Khan) as well as Kajal (Kajol) and Madhu (Juhi Chawla). Ajay and Madhu are rich, whereas Kajal and Raja are poor. To complicate matters Ajay and Madhu's fathers hate poor people. They play dirty tricks to break the couples up and get Ajay and Madhu married.

The acting is heartwarming, it is rare to see a film with so many big names in it where egos do not come into play. Aamir and Juhi provide most of the comedy, with Ajay showing that he does have comic talent. Kajol, however, keeps the movie from devolving and the plot on track.

Great watch!

Krrish (2006)
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Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik do it again!, 25 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a superhero film first and foremost. There is a love-story (of course), between Krishna (Hrithik Roshan) and Priya (Priyanka Chopra) but while it is developed in its own right, it serves to further the superhero plot.

The movie starts with a 5-year old Krishna. His Dadi (Rekha) has realized that Krishna has the same powers as his father, Rohit. Given Rohit and Nisha (Preity Zinta)'s demise and its cause-an exploitative world, Rekha decides it would be better to hide Krishna.

She does a good job until Priya (Priyanka Chopra) comes along. Priyanka, unfortunately, works for a TV company and needs an incentive to give her boss to keep her job. This incentive is Krishna. Priyanka and her annoying friend, Honey, concoct a plan to bring Krishna to their home city-state of Singapore under the guise that Priya is in love with him and wants to marry him. Yet, thankfully, Rakesh Roshan resists the impulse for extra melodrama and Krishna safeguards himself (aided of course by the fact that he promised his foresighted Dadi that he would disguise his powers). Therefore, Krishna hides his powers and uses the guise of Krrish when he uses them. And use them he has to to save the world from mad scientist Dr. Arya (Nasserudin Shah)

This film is a definite must see for loves of Koi Mil Gaya and children. It shows a maturing of Bollywood. Rekha and Hrithik's acting is phenomenal. They convey the levels of emotions well. Rekha does not let Hrithik overshadow her as Priyanka is. Nasserudin Shah is chillingly amazing as the villain. Priyanka's acting and dancing are okay. Her vocal delivery is amazing, her facial expressions are lacking. The dancing is not as much her fault as the choreographers. Especially for the first song, the choreographer failed. The dance movements look choppy and exaggerated. The songs themselves are catchy and illustrate the pace of the film.

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An excellent, touching film., 2 May 2006

This movie details modern relationships and the necessity of forging new ones. Novalee (Natalie Portman) is abandoned by her boyfriend (Willy Jack Perkins). Novalee has already been abandoned by her mother and relegated to the foster system. To make things harder for her, Novalee is pregnant.

In this state she forges new relationships with Sister "Thelma" Husband, and Lexi Coop (Ashley Judd) and a relationship with Forney, the librarian.

It is here that Novalee learns the meaning of self-worth and family. This is a great film based on an excellent book by Billie Letts. It cannot convey everything the book can, but gets the main aspects-presenting a thoughtful and entertaining glimpse of Novalee's travails to overcome what society has presented to her.

Fire (1996)
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Too many messages, 2 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Deepa Mehta's film Fire addresses the problems of a patriarchal society. It addresses these problems well and from two different angles. Ashok who Kulbhushan excellently portrays as a devotee of a Swami on the path of self-realization who unfairly treats his wife. There is also Jatin (Javed) who is agonized by his love for Julie. Sita (Nandita Das) and Radha (Shabana Azmi) are caught in the middle of their husband's squabbles.

Until the arrival of Sita, Radha calmly accepts the sorrow and cares for Biji. Sita brings with her the radical idea that women should Choose.

They both start refusing orders from their husbands. Sita and Radha CHOOSE each other.

Here is where the problems comes. You have the message, Homosexuality is all right and that women should break their shackles intertwined. Therefore, neither message gets portrayed well. I watched this movie, expecting that it would address Lesbianism in Indian society. What i found was a good movie but one that is not appropriate for the first film on the subject in Indian culture.

The acting, especially by Nandita Das, Kulbhushan and Shabana Azmi is excellent. Their is some unnecessary nudity.

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Family first, 27 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hum Saath Saath Hain is an oft criticized film. But, it serves its purpose. It tells of a family that lives the Ramayan without Ravan.

Prem (Salman Khan) is the modern day Bharat, who idolizes his elder brother Vivek (Monish Bahl). Vivek is the perfect son, perfect brother, perfect husband to Sadhana (Tabu), as well as business man. He leads his younger brothers, Prem and Vinod (Saif Ali Khan). He tries to better them.

But then troubles befall the family and these family ties will be tested by separation and greed.

An excellent, maybe over-sweet, film. The chemistry between the couples is believable and, in my opinion, drags you in.

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Great time-pass, 22 April 2006

The Sentinel is about an agent Pat Garrison (Michael Douglass) who has given his life to the Secret Service and protecting the President. But, the man he recommends to lead the investigation into a mole in the Secret Service Agent Breckenridge (Kiefer Southerland) suspects him. Breckenridge and Garrison have 'history', and one of the flaws in the movie is it does not expose how much this history caused Breckenridge to suspect Garrison. Garrison always cites this when discussing why Breckenridge suspects him but the audience does not know.

The other major flaw is with the actual mole. The audience never hates him/her once he/she and his/her motives are revealed. If we hated him/her it would have made the movie a lot better.

The acting in this movie is excellent. Kim Bassinger excellently portrays the first lady, shifting seamlessly from the political wife, damsel in distress, and take charge lady. It would have been easy for her to get lost in damsel in distress or wronged wife, but Bassinger does not fall into that trap. Michael Douglass portrays Garisson seamlessly. Breckinridge is convincing as the Ace-agent who believes he can put his emotions behind him. The movie excellently sucks you in so you don't notice its few flaws until you leave the theater. The chemistry between Douglass and Southerland is good, which is important. They are able to give the conflict between the two a deep meaning and it is poignant when Garrison recommends (as seen in the trailer) Breckenridge (a man who does not like him) to lead the investigation.

You fall in love with Garrison and the action is worth your $9.75. A should-see time pass.

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