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A Long Time Favorite..., 5 April 2007

I bought this movie waaaay back when it first came out on video. Sometimes I'll go for months and months without watching it, but when I do, I always enjoys it. It's fun look back to the late 80's.

The only problem I have with this flick is Sam. He needs a major makeover! Yes, I know that he is down-to-earth, real, sensible, confident guy, but a decent haircut and a pair of 501 Levi jeans would do wonders for him! His wardrobe looks like it was plucked from the bargin bin at Salvation Army. Loose those ugly, baggy utility pants and put on a pair of jeans, please, lol! Izzy's wardrobe is pretty bad, too. Dull, drab colors. Fortunately, her clothes get better as the movie progresses. Her hair looks like it's taking over the planet, not her co-worker's (Chilchilea Monk,) lol!

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A Wonderful Anne..., 20 December 2006

Anyone who thinks that Hannah Taylor-Gordon's portrayal of Anne Frank was the ultimate, should see this movie. Katharine Schlesinger, to me, was perfect as Anne, both in looks, and acting. This Anne was so well written. You really get a chance to see all sides of her

This BBC mini-series is great. The writing, sets, and acting were first rate, and I think it's every bit as good as the Taylor-Gordon version (except this one doesn't go into what happened after the betrayal.) My only complaint was Otto Frank. I didn't think the role was cast well, and (in the script) he seemed to get flustered very easily, which doesn't sound like the real Otto at all. Also, there were a few inaccuracies with the Dr. Dussel character.

It's a really shame that this isn't available in the U.S. My DVD is from Holland. Fortunately for me I have a code-free DVD player.

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Very good animation, 29 November 2006

This is a wonderful animated version of the Anne Frank story. Why it has not been released in the the USA, I'll never know. I finally broke down and bought a code free DVD player, so that I could play the Region 2 French DVD that I bought on eBay. It has English subtitles, and a few special features, including a very interesting and long interview with Anne's cousin Buddy Elias.

The animation is really great. The story picks up on Anne's 12th birthday, so we get a look into the Frank's apartment on the Merwedeplein, and there is also a scene featuring Anne at school. As in the Millie Perkin's version, Meip and Bep are combined into just "Meip", and Kugler and Kleimann and combined into the character "Koophuis." If you are really into the Anne Frank story, the interview with Buddy Elias alone, makes this DVD worth buying.

Now, if only this animated version was available in the USA!! It would introduce Anne to a whole new audience of young people...

Shattered Vows (1984) (TV)
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Spoilers..., 11 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While this movie is entertaining, it really takes a lot of liberties with the storyline. If you want to know Mary Gilligan Wong's real story, read her book, entitled "Nun." Most of Mary's true struggles came from trying to fit in with her sister nuns in the various communities that she lived in, not from any kind of relationship with Father Tim.

I wish this movie had spent more time on Mary's formation as a nun (and her interactions with her fellow sisters,) and less on the Father Tim storyline.

After reading the book, you will realize how much they changed Mary's real-life story.

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Well..., 27 October 2006

My teenage daughter and my husband leave the room every time I bring out this old video! I originally bought it, because I wanted to see the performance of The Association. Other artists include: Paul Revere & the Raiders, Three Dog Night, Brian Love, Jan & Dean, and a few women signers (can't remember who.) Bear in mind that some of these groups have had major personnel changes. Only The Association has their original line-up.

Basically, we have Jack Elam as an old crotchety grouch. A nauseatingly perky blonde tries to cheer him up and get him into the holiday spirit, by having him look into a crystal ball, where he sees all these musical groups perform their holiday songs. Does he end up getting into the holiday spirit? Well, you will just have to find an old copy of this on eBay, to find the answer...

If you are into early 80's nostalgia, you might get a kick out of this (if you can just get past that nauseatingly perky blonde...)

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Just for old time's sake..., 12 May 2006

I have a copy of this film and I do watch it from time to time. While I don't think it's so horrible, I could definitely do without the whole crazy patient/doctor/murder storyline. The rest of the movie, I like.

It's interesting to see Jean-Louis and Anne interacting with their now grown up children and to see what paths their lives took after their very brief fling. I think the chemistry is still there between them, and I think they actually look like real middle aged people, not the "perfect plastic botox people" that we so often see in today's films...

I gave this film a 8 out of 10 because(despite it's flaws)it was nice to catch up with the lives of Jean-Louis and Anne.

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It just needed a bit more exploration... (spoilers), 29 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Even though this is a great movie and I'll probably buy it as soon as I can find a copy, I only gave it eight out ten stars. I felt that more time was spent exploring Anna and her situation, than with Lotte. We see Lotte playing the piano, fooling around with her boyfriend and worrying about him when he is taken away, but I never felt like I knew what made her tick.

The persecution of the Jews in Holland was not explored enough. When David's family moves in with Lotte's, you just don't feel the impact of what this Jewish family has been through. You don't feel their fear, and you need to feel that fear in order to see how it affects Lotte and the way that she handles David's disappearance.

Also, towards the end of the war, when things are supposed to be really hard for the Germans, Anna looks as fresh as a daisy and also (physically) like she is eating three good meals a day, which doesn't seem realistic. Things were hard for the German people at the end of the war, but I don't think it really comes across that way...

But, yes, I did like this movie! I especially liked the scenes between Anna and Martin.