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A step in the right direction, 12 December 2005

The last two Harry Potter movies were very forgettable. They seemed to be too much of an impossible adventure as opposed to a story. They didn't follow the book very closely and left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The Goblet of Fire, with a new director, seems to be a cut above the rest. Yes, the terribly awkward dialog is still there. They try to suck as many cheap laughs out of Ron Weasley and the Weasley brothers as possible, and it gets old. Harry is a terrible actor, Ron is even worse, Hermoine is way too dramatic to be considered realistic. Yes, those last second miracles are still here. Harry finds himself about to meet his certain doom and then WOOSH! Someone comes dashing in to save him at the last second. That situation seems to be reoccuring over and over in the series, but we are used to it now and have to grudgingly accept it. Despite the gaping holes, they are not as big holes as the first three movies. I really enjoyed the direction, the film came off much darker. There was more attention given to little details, and some excellent shots of scenery, etc. The graphics seemed to be much improved, although still very cheesy at times. If you didn't like the first three movies don't worry. This one still has some of the basic mistakes, but is better at the same time. You should enjoy it.

Kranks has its moments, 11 December 2005

Christmas with the Kranks is no masterpiece, but at the same time it is strangely enjoyable. The ending is very heartfelt and "christmas spirity" which makes for a fairly satisfying conclusion. There are some very funny jokes in the movie, and Tim Allen brings his usual on screen charisma. Allen and Curtis snipping at each other reminded me a lot of my parents and overall I enjoyed the film. It was no deep plot, laugh until you cry humor, but Kranks has its moments and you are left feeling good. I don't know if the film would have held together without Tim Allen, as he brought 80% of the big laughs, but overall a decent effort, not less than expected.

Rat Race (2001)
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The Funniest Film Ever Created, 11 December 2005

I have seen Rat Race about 50 times, and it still packs the same punch for me that it did on view number 1. I absolutely love the stellar cast, which is highlighted by the performances of Rowan Atkinson, John Lovitz, and Whoopi Goldberg. Bringing many comedy stars together under one roof hasn't been done often enough. It did happen in Mars Attacks, which turned out to be a total waste of time and was and absolutely horrible movie. In this case however, the actors/actresses aren't awkwardly stuck into their roles, they all sink into very unique characters who each have a story to tell. Rat Race is a hilarious comedy that everyone should see, I have never met anyone who didn't like it. If you have nothing to do on a Saturday Night, you will enjoy this one for sure!