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A list of my favorite movies of all time.
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The TV shows that either had an extremely awesome season this year or premiered and just kicked ass.
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Top 25 tv shows and 2 favorite reality shows from most likely to least favorite but still favorite. Some of the my favorites have since been cancelled but could have seen more days. Veronica Mars ended on a bad note but I think many of us would have tuned in for season four had the Cw not kept around One Tree Hill but I will tune in to see Kirsten Bell on her new show in January. Also I took off Off the Map, Glee because its basically just the (Rachel, Finn, and Kurt show and no offense they are great actors but there is so much untapped talent on that show (Brittany and Santana don't count as they are making it harder for us blonds to get any credit).
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This is a list of tv shows that I am watching this year.
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These are movies I absolutely have to have. Top 20 anyway.
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I am going to move the movies I have seen to the bottom. Then as time goes on I will rearrange the order.
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2011 Movies I has seen up to date. List is ordered from most recent to February.
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top twenty hottest actors who have a single status as of this website and are over 25.
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These are movies from the 80's and 90's and 2008 that i just saw that are worth watching.
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This list is the best movies of 2010 and then ends with the start of 2011. Some movies like Black Swan, Little Fockers, so forth will not be on the list because I have not seen them yet.