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Bemisal (1982)
Not as good as other Hrishikesh Mukherjee masterpieces.
20 April 2008
Sudhir Roy (Amitabh Bachchan) is son of a poor teacher.After his father's death and his elder brother Adhir Roy going insane (Amitabh Bachchan in dual role) he is sheltered and brought up by the magistrate Mr. Chaturvedi whose son Prashant (Vinod Mehra) gives him good company as a friend.Together they become doctors.After Mr. Chaturvedi's death Prashant opens a nursing home.To earn money fast he performs an illegal operation which leads him to police.There Sudhir helps hims and disowns himself of the debts he and his father have owed him throughout life.

Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Bemisal is an average film, with average performances by it's actors, an average music and a not so average direction.Although with Amitabh in lead this film failed to impress me as a viewer and certainly it is not as good a film as his other masterpieces such as Chupke Chupke, Golmaal or Naram Garam
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Only girls say it is love !
17 March 2005
Its really a great thing to observe an event Roshan had created in 2000 with the release of this film.The media went haywire , girls went crazy and films too.One could have easily seen the number of predecessors Hrithik Roshan had created after this boom.Body building became a fashion , dancing a hobby and film debuts a trash.More and more people started making their space in the land of all trades Bollywood.Capitalising on this bashing were media who wanted to score big on this Entertainment , Communication and Transportation boom in the land where once Gandhi moved.Indeed they are doing this today as well.Forget all this and the movie goes like this ! Kaho Naa Pyar Hai a movie about a man his death before the completion of his affair and then emerging again in a double role to complete his affair as well as to kill the person who created problem in the finishing of the affair of his previous double.The man is Hrithik Roshan his affair Amisha Patel and the villain Anupam Kher.The audience Bollywood crazy girls. Hrithik Roshan debuts greatly with Amisha Patel , Anupam Kher gives a fine performance which reminds one of his performance in Tezaab.Rakesh Roshan the director behind this greatest film ever produced in India as depicted in the awards ceremony gives a knock out , superb directorial touch.Am I Bollywood certainly yes !
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Raja Babu (1994)
Nandu "sabka bandhu"
8 March 2005
This film could be one of the most underrated film of Bollywood history.This 1994 blockbuster had all of it good performances,music and direction.I remember I was in Allahabad when this movie was running and it was somewhere in March at Holi time , the people there were playing its song "Ooe Amma" at their loudspeakers in highest volume. If someone who likes to watch Some Like It Hot and drools over Marilyn Monroe he should see this movie.Thumbs Up to Govinda.How many of you know that this film was shot in South of India and after Sholay could be one of the very few blockbuter to hit Silver Screen.With films like these Indian comedy could never be dead.
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How artificial !
27 February 2005
The part of the world I am from does have its share of audience for movies like this ! I mean action films do score over here but an action film like this only makes people clap for a moment and reside back in their seats , waiting for another action scene and another ( like the Neo fighting 100+ villain scene ). But I assure as soon as the local audience gets a hint that the film won't have any more applaudable scenes and there would be only scripted philosophy ( read they have to concentrate to grasp )to be seen , the best they do is leave the theatre ; that's why most of the seats were emptied much before the final scene.To quote one of my village friend the film is "artificial" and waste of time.The youth of course have it's appeal and they do flocked and talked about this movie ; but for me it's really not that good a movie.How much could one get excited about this movie , seeing computer generated characters playing it out in screen as video game.Ask yourself Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront , Al Pacino in Scarface or rather Robert De Niro in Raging Bull is more exciting or all this.Every time Amitabh B ( Indian Superstar ) speaks in Deewar it excites to nerves and not Keanu Reeves in this.Anyway the more your ego ( read less patience ) the more you would like this movie."What a piece of crap !"
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Maqbool (2003)
Primacy of semi artistry !
30 January 2005
Yes!yes! that it is.The film came as a fresh breeze of air when Hindi cinema is experimenting with all sort of stuff.With probably one of the greatest star cast in the world ; the film is worth spending a premium.People who neglect the role of Hindi cinema in world entertainment or who don't like Hindi cinema at all should look at this film.The plot goes as follows Abbaji ( Pankaj Kapoor ) the underworld kingpin of Mumbai has two faithfuls helping him in his business Maqbool ( Irfan Khan )and Kaka ( Piyush Mishra ).Nimmi ( Tabu ) Abbaji's younger wife loves Maqbool and wants him to take the place of aging Abbaji.One day on Abbaji's daughter Sammera's ( Mausami ) wedding to Kaka's son Guddu ( Ajay Gehi ) Maqbool and Nimmi secretly kill Abbaji.The throne of Abbaji is open whom Maqbool is intent on occupying with hook or crook.The two inspectors Purohit ( Nasseruddin Shah ) and Pandit ( Om Puri ) serve as bribed workers to this family. All an all a powerful five star.Hats up ! to Vishal Bhardwaj who won accolades from Karan Johar , Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan for this film.
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