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Phantom (2013/I)
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Great submarine movie if you have studied sub warfare during the cold war, 14 September 2013

This movie takes some sensitive subject matter, dresses it up a bit so that it won't make the Russians mad, and lets the characters make the essential points for the understanding of the components of this mission. This isn't a pretty picture with flashing lights - instead, it is filmed inside an old Russian sub. The cramped spaces, the original equipment, and the difficulty of movement by the crew are as real as can be.

If you're thinking about watching this, you MAY want to read a summary of the K-129 disappearance in the Pacific in 1968. If you want to skip this and just watch, fine. The storyline covers a very dangerous time in the late sixties. There is proof, or anecdotal proof, of everything in the movie that may seem frightening to the viewer. This isn't just some script - it is a carefully-worded narrative that lets the view in on some pretty scary stuff. The ending takes an unusual turn - I love it when the director actually thinks up a new type of ending to a sub movie. My compliments.

For all of us who can't get enough of sub books and movies, this one was a 10. I'll bet the rentals on this one will rise quickly. I watched it four times in two weeks. Thoroughly enjoyed it each time.