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This film makes it impossible for the viewer not to enjoy!, 12 September 2009

I saw the trailer for this a good six months ago at the cinema and it grabbed me straight away i was looking forward to seeing it. Unfortunately i didn't get time to actually see it so i was then waiting for the DVD release! so i've been waiting to see it for a while, it was worth the wait.

One of the things i loved about the film was the plot!. OK so comedy films don't usually feel the need for anything major i guess to an extent that's the point of them. But this film had a new and fresh story to tell. Instead of the usual problems in relationships that get picked on a hundred times a year by Hollywood this one took a new approach. It was about a friendless guy who was struggling to make friends later on in life, a situation i know for a fact a lot of people have been / are in.

It wasn't unbelievable at all it was actually quite the opposite.

The other quality i thought the film had was perfect casting they all did there jobs well and they couldn't have really picked anyone better to do it!. Segel and Rudd make for an awesome on-screen combo providing big laughs scene after scene.

But it's not all just stupid gags (although that is what the film does best) it feels pretty genuine and there are a few lessons in friendship in there, stuff that actually made me think about relationships i have with my own friends.

Overall it was one of the most enjoyable films i've seen in a while, it's just a good film in every way it could've been and much more than i expected!.


A Brilliant Little Film!, 17 July 2009

I remember there being quite a bit of hype around this during it's cinematic release. However it wasn't at the top of my to see list at the time , so i sort of dismissed it for the time being only to eventually get round to renting it two nights ago.

I was really looking forward to seeing it and wasn't disappointed with it.

Will Smith has really grown as an actor over time and after winning over most people with his performance in "The Pursuit Of Happiness" i was wondering what was next for this guy. Again as in TPOH he gives a very good performance in this film as do Woody Harrelson and Rosario Dawson. Who knew that Dawson could pull off a role like this she really stood out in the film in my opinion amazing performance all round.

What the film does so well is grips you. It's never quite clear until the very end but it keeps you putting pieces together for yourself all the way through and without a doubt keeps you entertained. There's no fancy effects or camera tricks in this one it's all shot as you'd see it!. It's gritty and realistic and this plays a big part in the effect the film has on the viewer.

The story (which i won't go into don't want to spoil it for people!). Is as with most films what makes or breaks a film and this film is made by it's story it's not clear until all the pieces are put together and the full picture is made but it's an experience you will find hard to get out of your head.

It's a beautiful film that anyone who loves a good film and good performances will find very easy to appreciate.


Year One (2009)
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Not What I Was Hoping For But Still Well Worth Giving A Chance., 1 July 2009

Went to see this with quite high hopes.

Whenever it comes to comedy Jack Black has never really let down he has always been a very funny guy.

Well first off this really doesn't do a lot for Jack but rather for the first time focuses soley on the talent of Michael Cera.

Cera really steals the show in this one although to be fair it's very rarely funny. A few of the jokes/gags had me in tears but they only made up about 10 minutes of the film! Were this film does slightly redeem itself though is the fact that it's quite fun to watch as a little silly adventure movie , the comedy seems to fall at the wayside in this one.

Well worth seeing as it's enjoyable and has a few good laughs not the comedic gem we were hoping for from these two but none the less a fair comedy effort

Final Verdict: 6/10

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One Of The Best Experiences I've Had At A Cinema All Around!, 21 June 2009

I had watched the original with friends before. What attracted it to us was the way the movie was being put across "to avoid fainting keep repeating it's just a movie" etc. We loved horror and anything just generally shocking it was the most fun along with comedy's you could have with friends!. Well it certainly did not let anyone one of us down it was pretty insane?! shall we say. Either way a truly great piece of horror beyond what any of us had seen at the time.

When i heard about This Re-make i was not so much excited but anxious to see how they would handle the story and the scenes that would be necessary to tell it to the best of it's ability.

I was impressed.

I knew straight away it would be reasonably mild compared to the first one it had to be , to be watchable in cinemas in order to make money. And for the most part it was. However it still kept that vital shock value the gore (the blood & guts) were handled perfectly it was like the hills have eyes re-make in the sense you saw what was happening the camera never once did one of those annoying wall shots were you see the blood splatter! when a knife went in or a bullet etc. it went in and you saw it. Well with a horror film that's half the battle straight away.

Obviously you probably know this film is centred around a group of convicts who are a perfect example of a human being with no soul or heart. And this even better than the first one in my opinion is displayed amazingly. In this film you really get the feeling that these guys would do anything to any human being in the world and would not feel one bit of remorse for there actions. I would even go as far as to say out of every film i've ever watched these have to be some of the scariest people i've seen on the silver screen. It all adds to the great experience.

The "Rape" scene/scenes are also what this film is pretty famous for and i was interested to see how they would handle this films such scenes. I thought it was handled pretty well. What this film hits straight on the head is the atmosphere the music and every aspect of the film combined just build up to exploding point then it happens. It was like nothing i'd experienced in a cinema before the place was packed out with what was to be honest a perfect testing range for the film there were people of my age (18) all the way to what i would have said was about 70-ish. As the scenes built up and up the piercing sounds of the girls screams , the actions taking place on screen and everything accumulated into one terrifying experience. I looked round the once rowdy room to find everyone silent and i could just feel it someone had to walk out.

And they did.

For the first time in my life a film was that shocking that as many as 10 people walked out and couldn't come back. That is what horror is meant to do!. So at this point Last House had already scored high marks with me it had stayed as true to the original as it could have. (There was also someone crying behind us!).

This film splits the story 50/50.

The first half is horrible it is meant to shock and appaul the audience so that when the second kicks in it satisfies all!. And god does it never before has revenge felt so right. People again were re-acting to the film again in a way i'd never seen people were clapping chants "get in" , "have it" "go on" and cheering. Admitadley by the younger members of the audience but non the less a great re-action. In my eyes this film was just as perfect as this re-make could have been it had it all. And it was one of the first films i'd seen in along time that was almost more than a film it was a genuine experience.

Oh and you'd be surprised to know the acting was actually very well done i wouldn't have changed it at all t be honest again pleasantly surprised.

Only things that this film down was the fact that it's still a pointless story and if not for the shock factor couldn't possibly be even an average film!. so I'm afraid it's a 7 from me which is still good for a horror film non the less.

It's definitely one of the better horror re-makes and one everyone will have a load of fun watching what more can you ask for in this day and age!.

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Welcome To The Sick & Twisted World Of Mickey & Mallory!, 11 May 2009

Been meaning to give this one a watch for a while. Thank god i got round to it!.

It has to be one of the most unique and amazing films i've seen.

First thing you notice about this film is it's not like what you've seen before.

The way it's shot you is fantastic. It's so cool and slick you would honestly not believe it was an "older" film. It could easily be pulled off as something that came out last year. It has stood the test of time better than many other films ever do.

The story is what makes this film great. It's outstanding it's so interesting and often sick?! and at the same time twisted. It's not a film of beauty in anyway it's ugly and twisted but that is what it does so well you can't help but fall in love with the film and the characters involved.

The story is pulled off that well that i actually thought it was based on a true story until i found later it wasn't. Stupid me but it is pulled off and written so well i guess it shows.

With phenomenal performances from Woody and Juliette. I don't think i've ever seen characters come to life on screen like i did in this.

It's not Juliette and Woody your seeing it's Mickey and Mallory! It's a great film that i think anyone with a good taste for films will love.

Also look out for great character acting from both Tommy Lee Jones & Robert Downey JR (Playing a Australian documentary interviewer).

And come on 7/10? what the hell is going on there. Top 250 worthy to say the least!.


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This Movie Was Way Above What I Expected , Extremely Touching Film, 30 April 2009

My mum is mad about the book as are a lot of people so i've heard basically everything about this "story" and it's always sounded pretty cool. I own a chocolate Labrador so i could relate to a lot of Marleys antics i'd heard of.

At first i was a little bit put off by the lead cast and the look of the trailer. Don't get me wrong i love Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston there good at what they do. But what they normally do isn't this i straight away expected a flop!.

I was very very wrong. Thios film is anything but a flop not only Commercially (Outstanding takings at the box office , still in the UK box office!) but as a film.

The story is a great and very real story which is actually true which i think always adds to the effect the film has on you.

Jennifer and Owen pull off the lead roles perfect after watching i honestly couldn't imagine anyone else doing so well they made it there own. It's one of those films that make you almost think oh look there's John when in fact it's Owen Wilson they become there characters!.

Even better whilst it's an extremely appealing movie to all and has done so well at the box office it's a genuinely great film which doesn't happen an awful lot these days!.

The film will makes you laugh , keep you entertained and will make you cry like a little girl!. It's that powerful.

The dog is perfect and i don't think enough attention is going the dogs way he was one of the lead roles and was obviously a perfectly trained movie dog!. He brings most of the films emotion and holds everything ion the film together.

Most importantly though this film carry's an extremely important and powerful message not only to dog owners or anyone involved with animals but to every human being in the world.

It's one of the films that in all my time of movie watching has genuinely hit me hard and made me think i think there's a chance a lot of people won't see this but for those reading this that know what i'm on about you know what i mean!.

Go and see it if you can or grab the DVD it's truly a great film and will make you think.

A high 8/10

Changeling (2008)
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Brilliant Performance From Jolie , Eastwood Has Done It Again!, 19 April 2009

Every actor /actress whether there good or bad has one role there remembered for. Well this is without a doubt Angelina's. She is sensational.

The story is great and true which always makes for a much more interesting watch. It hards to believe at times something like this could have gone on and happened but it did.

Eastwood portrays the story as only he could and with all round great performances it nails it!.

One of the best things i found with the film was it was so unexpected. Ever plot twist they throw at you , you never see any of them coming. It's quick off the mark and leaves you guessing up until the last second it really has been a while before this since i was so hooked to a movie.

Do you need more reason/s to see this film? But there's more. Not only is it great to watch but it looks great. It always amazes me how they make the props/set up for these films look so 30's Los Angeles. It's completely believable and so non fake it's hard to believe what your seeing.

It's another one for me that i now relate the story to the film. When i think Johnny Cash i see Jauqin Pheonix because he was so great and believable i almost forget he's not Johhn Cash. Samefor all the actors involved in this one. I straight away think of this film.

Overall what your getting is a great film with a great (true) story and the performance of a life time. Definitely top 250 worthy and it's great to finally see it climbing up there!.

Also look out for John Malkovich in an equally great role.

My Rating : 8/10

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A Great Soundtrack , Brilliant Cast & Some Great Laughs Make This A Must See For Rock N' Roll Fans Everywhere., 19 April 2009

Well i think this film has a lot going for it i mean anyone who see's the trailer is pretty much gonna go see it. Firstly it has an all star cast that anyone especially us Brits! are gonna be very familiar with. It's based on an awesome topic that interests again a lot of us Brits and most importantly it looks damn right hilarious!.

Unforunatley recent comedy's have proved to show all the laughs they have to offer in the 3 minute trailer then leave you with nothing to see when it comes down to actually watching the film.

Well this film is definitely not one of those.

The Good Well the film is hilarious anyone who likes anything about comedy will love this which is straight away most people there are some hysterical scenes and enough laughs to keep you going right to the end.

Laughs aren't all this film has to offer its actually very appealing to any fans of the rock genre. With it's awesome soundtrack featuring great like The Kinks and The Who and it's real "stand up for rock n' roll" attitude and storyline for rock fans like myself it's a must see!.

One of the other things that is sure to keep you watching is the characters themselves (on the ship). There all very very interesting as well as wacky and just insane!. with some great actors playing them they are extremely believable too which i always think is so important in films you have to believe it!.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman that's all i need to say on that one i think we've all come to expect dynamite performances from this guy and on this one he sure as hell delivers it!.

To be honest the only negative criticism i can give this one is where were the Beatles there some moments it really needed them and it was set in there days.

Aside from that very tiny hicupp this film is one of the best comedy's i've ever seen well worth checking it out.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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Unlikely To Blow You Away But A Decent Horror Flick That Keeps You On The Edge!, 18 April 2009

I've not seen the original of this so i don't have the ability to compare this with that and to be honest didn't know what to expect from this.

I felt the film was pretty good to be honest. It wasn't groundbreaking but definitely great fun , believable and better than a lot of horror films getting made at the moment.

What can you expect from a horror film today?! The story is very straight forward it's basically about a psychotic hitcher who hitches rides in order to find new victims. He's a psycho who simply loves to kill!. That's the bets bit there's no silly plot lines it's fun to him so he does it often.

Cool eh?.

One of the best bits of the film is definitely Sean Bean. He's very believable as "The Hitcher" and makes the film what it is to be honest although performances elsewhere are good enough for this.

The film keeps you on the edge as mentioned in the summary. It keeps you guessing and you do actually wonder were can they take this film?. Plus some surprising twists and very jumpy moments it's all good!.

And surprisingly there's some really well done car sequences/chases so there's a fair bit of action thrown in plus some decent blood n' guts for the hardcore horror fans!.

All in all a decent horror film worth checking out.


Taken (2008/I)
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Fast Paced Edge Of The Seat Action - Thriller., 3 April 2009

Grab a dramatic storyline , some awesome action sequences and a determined father (played only as Liam neeson could) and you have "taken".

It really is a great movie.

The film follows Bryan ex - spy. He has moved to Los Angeles to be closer to his daughter. He has some lost time to make up for. But When his daughter(Kim) goes on a trip abroad to Paris and is kidnapped by professionals who steal young girls and force them into the sex/slave trade he takes on a new objective to get his daughter back!.

This film is straight to the point there is no messing about and it really lets you know that Bryan knows exactly what he's doing he knows what to do instantly.

Neeson is brilliant as "Bryan" in the film and to be honest really makes the film what it is. With some outstanding hand to hand combat and awesome kick ass dialogue this could well be one of neesons finest moments on the screen.

The film is very realistic and very gritty. It's not afraid to go right out and show you how real this situation is. With plenty of guts and blood it will satisfy anyone who is a fan of the action genre. And at the same time it creates the perfect blend of action to drama and will satisfy anyone who loves there films with a bit of drama. I guess you could say it's a thriller.

The settings are all spot on and really captures the gloomy rough terrains of Paris in comparison to the sunshine state! that is California. This really makes it stand out that they are not at home!.

It's like a ticking bomb throughout it puts you into the film. Every minute that goes by is a minute closer to something happening to Kim and the difference between Bryan either finding or not finding his daughter before it's too late. You really are on the edge of your seat throughout and you don't move from there until the credits role the film is so unpredictable and you don't see anything coming. It has to be one of the fastest paced action movies or movies for that natter that i have ever seen and i loved it.

It doesn't ever get boring or drag on in fact it's bad that it had to end!. It keeps it short and sweet.

Overall it has to be one of the best films i've seen in quite a while and definitely one of my favourite action movies.

A solid 9/10 from me.

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