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You owe it to yourself to check this out, 17 February 2011

This is one of the best B-movies out there, a film brought down only by its budgetary limitations. The biggest sin a movie can commit, in my opinion, is to be boring. I watched "Eegah", the giant caveman movie yesterday, and there was nothing redeeming about it- no interesting characters, plots, or visual style to speak of. That's a film deserving of a rating between 1-3.

"The Green Slime", however, is directed with a visual flair reminiscent of Spielberg with his trademark push-ins on the actors, and its extremely well-paced. From the opening scene where we realize an asteroid is headed for Earth, there are only a couple of scenes that slow the action down from there, particularly before the "Alien" meets "The Blob" part of the plot kicks in on the space station. But otherwise, the story really moves with complication after complication getting in the way of our heroes succeeding in defeating this alien menace.

Trust me, if you like B-movies, this is one to watch.

Crank (2006)
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Crank is Grand Theft Auto on the big-screen., 1 September 2006

Fast. Hyper. Action-packed. Drug-induced. Insane. Crank is all these things, and extremely entertaining too. No doubt a movie made just for the guys, it's filled with guns, car chases, sex, random humor, nudity, Amy Smart, Pedro from Napolean Dynamite, sex, nudity, etc. The only thing missing were some hand-to-hand fight scenes that would have made this movie complete. Instead, we do get a nice confrontation where one person is armed with a butcher's knife... but I shan't spoil that one.

But yes, this is a live-action video game on the big-screen. Google Maps zooms into the next location Chev visits and on screen text gives you its name ala a video game's "next level" sequence. Chev's girlfriend thinks he is a video game programmer. The opening titles for "CRANK" are shown in the blocky, pixellated style of a 1980's Atari game. Chev is just trying to get to the boss at the end of the game.

And a tip for those of you yet to see it- STAY THROUGH THE CREDITS. It reinforces everything I just said.