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Avenged (2013)
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Gruesomely lovely!, 25 October 2013

This low-budget supernatural action horror film is proof that you don't need a billion dollars to make a good, enjoyable, and high-end movie - worth watching on the big screen...

I've watched the movie during the "Screamfest" horror film festival in LA, 2013, and although I had no expectations, I was surprised by the quality of the film...

Director Michael S. Ojeda has done beautiful work - with a wonderful little tale of revenge that turns epic, artistic shots and mise-en- scene, which fit perfectly in the slasher-genre, great actor-directing, fluent and precise editing, and excellent special effects...

In my opinion, having done most of the pre-production and post- production work on his own - definitely entitles Ojeda as being a new generation "Auteur-Director"...

The cast was awesome, each and everyone of them, and the producers have done great work - utilizing whatever budget they managed to scrape into making this slasher a great movie...

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The struggles of filmmaking, 28 October 2012

A lot of people (mostly non show-biz people, but some which are) think filmmaking is an easy enough job - a cozy, smooth, fun and carefree process done by people who are eternal children, people who refuse to grow up and get normal day jobs, people who live in a world of fantasy... mostly referred to as LalaLand. Although some of it may be somewhat true (about the filmmaking being young at heart), the reality of it is that filmmaking is one of the hardest, harshest and most non-gratifying of all occupations - artistic or non-artistic.

As a freelance filmmaker with a bit of experience in trying to create my own films (in Israel and outside it), this movie has been a very empathetic-sympathetic story to which I could relate very easily. I think this documentary is a must for anyone who thinks movies are whipped out of one's sleeve, or get done by a mere shake of a magic wand. Anyone thinking about making a movie, as a client of filmmakers such as myself, should be educated about the hardships of the profession. If applied to animated movies - just multiply it by ten... Filmmaking is not only very time-consuming (and time is - as we all know - money), but it is also a form of art which is the work of many, rather than that of a single person, as each of the people working on a movie has his specific job. There are differences between independent movies and those of the film industry (especially funding-wise), but the process of making them is pretty much the same.

The documentary is educational and emotional, and is recommended for anyone who's a movie fan, and wishes to learn more about the backstage struggles of independent filmmaking.

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The human drama, 16 October 2012

As a rule, "small"-"human" dramas are not my first choice as a genre, not in books, not in theaters, not on TV, nor on the big screen. I rarely find an "action-free" or non-Sci-Fi, non epic-narrative drama which truly pulls me into its narrative. Mayhap it's my seeking escapism in the art I consume, or the fact my life experience have left me a little "bored" with the small, trivial and daily dramas we're all surrounded by... Memorable human dramas on film are quite rare with me, as such selective a viewer that I am. However, as with any rule, naturally there are exceptions... A few examples of such "small" dramatic narrative movies that actually had such an impact on me would have to be: "The Stone Angel", "Regarding Henry", "Door to door", "Kes"... and now that I've watched it - "Broken Kingdom" is the newest addition to the list...

"Broken Kingdom" portrays two intertwined stories, of no epic proportion, with a truly "small", "human" and "humane" narratives. on one hand - the display of buds of humanity and affection in a sea of cruelty in a poverty stricken 3rd world country, and on the other hand - the daily bearing of a tragic unspoken memory in PC-America.

The cast is spectacular, and I found that the visual quality of the film is impeccable - very aesthetic and precise. All in all, for the low- budget this production had, it is truly a remarkable product. The writer-director-star, Daniel Gillies, did a very good job, under all 3 of his "hats".

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An absolute MASTERPIECE!, 1 February 2011

I can't remember when I've enjoyed a drama on the big screen - since "The Straight Story" by David Lynch, as much as I have enjoyed this particular film. Every shot and shot were masterpieces by themselves, as oil paintings on canvas, the editing made these "oil paintings" into sheer poetry on film, and the magnificent sound was just the topping on this delightful cake... The script is eloquent (no pun intended!) and conveys a simple story, yet with all meaningful complexities of soul and mind. Magnificent casting, impeccable directing and acting. I heard it was excellent and it even exceeded my expectations. This movie definitely gets both my thumbs up! Highly recommended for lovers of the fine art of film-making.

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Tim Burton has done it again!, 3 January 2007

An absolutely Amazing stop-motion animation movie! Tim Burton never ceases to amaze... A Very good cast does the voices, and the animation crew done a superb job from character and set modeling to the motion itself. Something that gave me a good laugh was a very small and nearly unnoticeable line in the movie - in which Mr. Everglot calls Victor (the hero) "Vincent" by mistake... This, as I believe, is somewhat of an "Inside" joke of Tim Burton's... since one of his early movies (short claymation movie) is called "Vincent", which is a real gem (should be a classic and taught in film-schools, in my humble opinion). In "Vincent" - the main character looks like an earlier version of Victor, something I noticed right away - just by looking at the "corpse bride" movie poster. I recommend watching both "Vincent", and "Corpse Bride"... Actually - most of Tim Burton's movies.

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Magnificent!, 24 October 2005

Truly a masterpiece - If only for the amazing voice of the amazing Brian Blessed!

Brian Blessed is one of my favorite actors, ever since I've been a child and watched him as Long-John Silver on "Return to Treasure Island" (the TV miniseries), and subsequently tried to watch every movie or TV show he appeared in, especially Shakespearian plays in which, in my opinion, he excels.

When first zapping through the TV channels and accidentally landing on an episode of "The Big Knights", it was Brian Blessed's voice that has caught my ear,and I long since then had become a fan of the show, which turned out surprisingly good - with a combination of rather neat animation spiced with good British humor.

Although at first I wasn't sure it was Brian Blessed's voice - I gladly found out I've guessed it right.