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7 Days (2010)
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Engrossing impressive revenge thriller!, 28 November 2010

This movie clearly defines the revenge thriller genre. As a superb standout from Canada, it delivers a myriad of emotions from a plethora of angles. It takes you on a journey inside your own mind as you compare the emotions of those affected in the movie, and compare them to emotions you think you might feel if something as horrific as the initial crime should (heaven forbid) happen in your everyday normal life.

The plot is simple, the direction is stark and unwavering, and the story is beautifully acted by all the players. What a gem!

One more thing. Of all the lame movies you read the reviews on, and the reviewer laments about never getting his/her '2 hours back' - you won't read any such nonsense about this flick. I highly recommend it. 10/10

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This scary flick creeped me out!, 11 November 2006

Wow! What a neat little film. Though slightly predictable, this film delivers the goods. The atmosphere created by director Mendez is creepy and offers chills galore. Several times during the movie you will find yourself jumping about, grabbing your girlfriend, and inhaling your popcorn. It's everything you can ask for in a supernatural horror flick. As a big fan of Japanese ghost stories, this one finally achieves the levels usually reserved for Asian audiences. I've often lamented, that except for 'The Changeling', most American writers, directors, and studios can't seem to create a decent ghost story. Finally one has arrived that curls your hair. I give it a solid nine out of ten stars, and recommend this great little date movie to all true horror fans. Kudos to an excellent cast and soundtrack also.

Live Feed (2006)
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Unrated version = gorehounds paradise, 27 October 2006

I finally got to watch the unrated version of Live Feed and must say I'm pretty impressed with this wicked little film. Sure, the acting isn't academy award stuff, but it's much better than alluded to by several other reviewers. The bad guys are evil enough to make you shudder, and the creative bloodletting is a breath of fresh air. There's enough slicing/dicing/stabbing/twisting (watch the movie) to satisfy even the most jaded of gorehounds. Far hairier than Hostel, and on a much smaller budget to boot. This flick packs a few jolts, although the 'scare factor' isn't all that high since you pretty much figure out the young people are in deep doo-doo right from the start. The unrated version isn't for the faint of heart, and since I've not seen the cut version I can't comment on the differences. All in all I give it a solid 8 (the victims could have garnered more sympathy). A very good soundtrack, that doesn't get in the way of the action, and bad guys that are so bad you wanna take them home, make this a must see for the deviantly inclined.