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Entertaining Film
19 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
To start off, it was a really great movie that never failed to keep me entertained. There were, however; some bad aspects of this movie. The acting was well above average, though some characters came off as a bit corny in some of the dialogue that I believed could be said in a much better way or expression to tone down the corniness.

I have not read the books so I cannot judge how the characters portrayed their book counterparts but I will take the word of many reviewers on this title and agree with them on this issue. But, even without reading the books I couldn't imagine a better set of young actors for the roles. The actress who played "Clarisse" - Leven Rambin, mostly caught my eye with her acting. She was superb in the role as Clarisse and every scene she did was great.

Some moments or events in the movie were fairly predictable. And the idea of the movie seemed to follow every other film in the "The Main Characters never die"...The sad moments in the movie were immediately changed to bring happiness to the audience but in my opinion, I would like a little tragedy in such films.

A boy, the son of Poseidon, faces a quest to help save his home. The antagonist made such a brief appearance in the film and the problem was dealt with fairly easily. Almost, too good that there wasn't such big trouble going against the "evil boss"...But I am sure we haven't seen the end of him. I am anxiously waiting for the next movie as the story is simply great, exciting, and entertaining.

I just went today to see this movie in the theater and I actually came out of the movie feeling pretty satisfied and not at all disappointed. I chose this movie over The GetAway and I was glad I made the choice considering the rating and reviews I saw for that movie.

In summary: The actors were great, the dialogue was good except for some corny parts that definitely needed a look over. The story is simply perfect and the whole rating of the movie was good. You would love this movie if you really liked the first part. Definitely a Film Series worth watching.
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A movie when you have nothing better to do
3 September 2013
Basically, this movie is about a young girl who moves to her uncle's house due to the death of her father. What she doesn't know that it includes a whole new world to her and she plays an important role in it.

In my opinion, this movie was not completely horrible but filled with inaccuracies. At times I kept thinking to my self, "Why didn't he just do that?" An example came to mind when the young girl and an accomplice were found by the villain. They simply ran, or let's say jogged, away from him while he simply stood there yelling, "I will catch you!" Also, towards the end the Chef had miraculously said that he knew exactly where Maria had gone when Maria had never even mentioned any specific place she would be. She simply said, "I will know the place when I see it." And she was talking about one tree in a forest. A place filled with trees!

One minute, the villain was in the forest and after another we see him in a scene a top an enormous cliff in some sort of temple. The group who were searching for Maria Merryweather were also in the forest when they suddenly entered the temple as well. Some stuff just doesn't make sense to me.

The acting was below par. Dakota Richard's acting was acceptable compared to the adult actors. Juliet Stevenson put herself too much into the character that her expressions in specific situations were just awful.

When this movie started out, I thought it had great potential. But the actors made the dialogue laughable and the resolution to the story was too much to bear. The scene with the horses and the wave was just completely random and extremely unnecessary. How the unicorn managed to solve the horrific conflict seemed a little too much.

The setting was perfect for the story and the costumes were adequate for the time line but some aspects were useless. For example, Maria's tiny bedroom door that you almost have to crawl through. I cannot comprehend why that was necessary in the first place. Many more presented itself but none come to mind at the moment.

To bring this review to a conclusion...I would recommend this movie to parents who want to entertain their kids with silly fantasy movies or just to show them a good time. Children would appreciate this movie. Overall acting was atrocious apart from the young Dakota Richards who continued to prove her skills and as for the story...It was a great story with a lot of potential but was shut down with the poor choice of actors, the horrible special effects, the humorous inaccuracies, and bad directing.

If you have nothing better to do and happened to find this movie flipping through the channels, then it is an okay movie to pass the time.
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