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3 Chains o' Gold (1994) (V)
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3 Chains o' Gold makes Thriller look Under The Cherry Moon!, 17 April 2005

In the world of great film makers, many names always come to mind: Scorsese, Truffaut, Ford, and Prince. This is Prince's crowning achievement and also one of the greatest moments in cinema of the 1990s. This masterpiece showcases Prince's obsession with a teenage belly dancer during a tour with his band, the magnificently cast NPG. Also of note is Kirstie Alley in an Oscar worthy turn as reporter Vanessa Bartholomew. Cecil B. DeMille be damned because this is truly the greatest show on earth. The cinematography in this movie is breathtaking. The acting in the film is awe-inspiring. The music in the film is the greatest selling point because it is all written and performed by the greatest musician ever to live, Prince! The awesomeness of this movie startled me because I am not a fan of Prince. Highly recommended.