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Good Light-hearted Comedy with Romance, 26 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of those if you've had a "long hard rough day" films you just want to sit down and relax without thinking. It's enjoyable because the 2 main actors are so talented & funny.

The plot is mediocre..and I realize a lot of slapstick Asian comedies have this trait. But if you're a big fan of Anita Mui / Dayo Wong you're going to love it! It's about Karaoke and Anita Mui sings quite a few times, but not that much & as she was portraying an ordinary karaoke goer, she wasn't putting on one of her awesome performances. It's definitely a Comedy with a little Romance.

I watched it with English subtitles so I'm sure I lost some of the comedy in translation, but from what I watched it was really funny and entertaining. Def go watch it :)

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Powerful Drama...Worth Watching, 26 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this because I am a big Anita Mui fan, and at first I didn't want to watch it because of the reviews. I was definitely prepared for the "Genre" switch halfway through the film but I do believe it's definitely a drama. I loved the beginning, but not so much the ending.

The background shots are beautiful and Anita Mui I thought acted beautifully. It definitely painted a negative image of tourism...but I would compare this film more with Taken.

If you are an Anita Mui fan, she speaks a lot of English here which is great & most of the scenes are of her.

I bought this movie for $4.00 and I don't think i'm going to be watching it over and over again, but I think it's a good movie to add to my collection for the price.

I would recommend this if you want to watch something different in a melancholy tone. The tone is very gloomy / foggy throughout the film. And of course if you are an Anita Mui fan or Risa Junna fan because that means you'd like anything they're in which is my case. :)

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Bitter Sweet, 11 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of the most unique movies I've ever seen. Truly up until the end I didn't know how it would end..and that's the part I disliked about the movie. I think the actors and the plot were the strongest points of the movie, but my problem was the actual tone of the movie. The perspective is mainly the first and main husband who is completely against the relationship, and throughout the movie you will only see mainly his relationship with her. I guess my problem in the movie is the audience is given the tone of being against married to two men, and yet, in the end ...

***~spoiler alert~**** you are left hanging because the two men were being forced to be in this kind of relationship because of their love for her. The problem is Ina's character is all over the place. her love for her second husband is never really shown. in the end you learn she wanted to use contraceptives with her second husband but not that first. I just was not convinced of how Ina (the character) justified this female polygamy. I just saw Ina as a selfish woman, I just didn't see a sacrifice that she made. But someone you hate but someone you couldn't resist.

Definitely check out this movie. It got me curious, laughing, angry, thinking... like i always say, don't let a review stop you from seeing a movie. :)

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One of those "watched it cause of the actor" films, 6 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a big Jaime Ray Newman fan. So when I saw this was on I was beyond happy and excited. Now every fan knows that it takes a lot of bad plot to make you not like a movie your favorite actor is in. Now because this is a TV made Christmas movie, I shouldn't expect a whole lot.. But the story is just bad. I've seen a lot of ghost-type romantic movies, but this is just the worst portrayal of a ghost.


The Dad hangs around as a ghost, there's a bad suitor, and there's the counselor. Now I think there is just too much going on in this movie which takes it away from the actual budding romance. In the end in left me wondering, I don't really understand when they fall in love. Plus if you ask me, the Dad as a ghost is more of a bad influence for his son, and a year to get over the death of a husband?? It seems too soon for me. But hey I <3 Jaime Ray, that's why I gave it three stars. all for her.

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Classy..est show on TV!!, 13 August 2008

I think DWTS is one of the greatest primetime shows to come to America. It is unique because ballroom dancing is rarely televised & had a very small following (this is before dancing with the stars). What makes DWTS so unique is the the set, the costumes, the dancers..everything is so classy & glamorous on this show! Even the audience is all dressed up!

The judges Carrie Ann, Bruno, & Len are also tough critics but polite. If they every are offensive they quickly apologize & they even banter amongst themselves. They are still very respectful to the stars.

I read in the other comments that the show is rigged/biased/favoritisms..and honestly for all i care it could be true, but any competitive show could be rigged. whose to say American idol isn't rigged? or so you think you can dance? or America's best talent?

This is def a family show (although some outfits and dances are a bit sensual) but it still is pretty appropriate for all ages.

DWTS is the #1 dance show in America.

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it's worth it., 12 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The moment i saw the preview for this film, i was in love with it. First Marlee Matlin & Jeff Daniels (what a pair!). second, the story line highlights a topic that is not always discussed.

i'm guessing a lot of the other commments hate the voice over but i actually thought it was a good choice. i admire marlee matlin so much and i've watched a lot of her films. she can speak perfectly! however, the movie deals with deafness and it is a fact that not all deaf people use speech to communicate. having voice overs is so much better than subtitles because then the movie would be pretty much silent most of the time.

Props to Daniels because he had to learn sign language for this film.

This movie is good. the emotions are real and matlin and daniels' characters are looking for their son's best interest.

Honestly at the end of the movie, instead of leaning to one side, the issue became more than just black and white. the movie shows that the cochlear implant issue is very complicated, particularly when a young child is involved.


**** *** ** *

finally i thought the ending was safe because they really did not have a choice. cochlear implants are heatly debated to this day and they can't lean to one side. ultimately the movie gives the audience the facts & the opposing sides' point of view.

The American Mall (2008) (TV)
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it's really THAT bad., 12 August 2008

Whenever I read bad reviews, i always think people are exaggerating. but this movie was just baaad.

nina dobrev is an inexperienced actress and she's just awkward when she talks and sings and dances. the characters are unlikeable (the ones we're suppose to like anyway) and there is nothing unique about the movie.

Props to autumn reeser though. she is such a great mean character and she can act dance and sing.

the songs aren't catchy and the whole movie is stay away from this one unless you are watching the movie for a particular actor.

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I kept watching *because* of Marlee., 20 May 2008

I saw this film on TV & I sure am glad I didn't pay to see it ( the cable if you're being technical). The writing was stupid. Throughout the film I was utterly confused because they never explained anything or brought up random facts that's suppose to "help" us figure out the mystery. Some parts of the plot we're unnecessary and had nothing to do with the story.

I thought Marlee did a fantastic job for the crap she was given. The whole movie was just weird, and I just kept watching because of her. Honestly, don't watch this unless you are a Marlee fan or Jeff Fahey fan.

a little optimism??, 2 April 2007

this movie say the least..not what i expected. I rented it from a local oriental store and looked here to see what people wrote and after the comments i didn't even want to put it in the DVD player. But you know what?? it was a cheap, stupid plot and i was OK with it.

the trick is, watch this movie (like me) without expectations. just be ready 4 whatever and this movie won't be as bad. i have to say there were some funny parts ... but the other user comment is right: this isn't a Filipino family night film. it's got lots of sexual themes and it did surprise me a lot. i would recommend 17 & up. i didn't get confused actually..i dunno why but it made sense..overall, i wouldn't recommend this movie but if you were persuaded by the cover to rent it, watch it. its not the worst film i've seen. i'm not upset about the 2.50 i paid.

"I Luv NY" (2006)
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One of the bests..., 31 July 2006

i extremely fell in love this show right away. first off its the "back together" project of one of the most sought after love teams jolina and marvin. and its just a really cute show and its just fun to watch them. also its set in NY so its very diff and the sights are just amazing. i personally couldn't wait for the show because i was a die-hard jolina/marvin fan a few years back. so when i heard they had a project and reunited, i was extremely happy. this show is family fun. i really hope they come out with some sort of DVD collection of this show. it's really fun to watch. i would recommend it to anyone. my family and friends enjoy it.

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