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Not the best, nevertheless....entertaining., 13 April 2012

Although the film lacks a strong story line, the actors do well in their roles. Most of the reading of the story comes from "between the lines" and the actors abilities to present the story to us. I think the editor did a good job of putting together a reasonable film even though he was missing a reel that got lost in transit. Admittedly if he had had all four reels, the final cut would have been improved. Still I enjoyed watching this film even though I had to fill in some blank spots with my own thoughts as to how some things tied together. A little popcorn, some spare time, and lets watch 'A Breed Apart'. The scenery is fine.

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An Quietly Entertaining Tale, 7 August 2007

The White River Kid is an enjoyable movie. It is not an edge of the seat or nail biter, but the story is engaging. Bob Hoskins as Brother Edgar draws you into the story and as he begins to be interested in the other members of this story so do you. Antonio Bandaras brings a certain charm and sympathy to a character with less admirable ambitions. I would comment on each actors role but instead I will say that each one took hold of the character they played and caused you to see each one in an interesting way. I was particularly fond of Miss Eva Nell (Ellen Barkin) and Randy Travis as Sheriff Becker. All in all I really liked this movie.

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Truly a good film, 22 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Movies that depict disasters are plentiful so if you have time to view only one chose Virus (Fukkatsu no hi). It is a well developed story that holds your interest. The characters are believable people that you can relate to. The international cast adds to the flavor of the film.

In a world where governments try to stay ahead of each other in developing weapons (armament and biological), Virus gives us a look at a situation that could happen in our lifetime.

The above reasons are why I rated it 8 out of 10. Now to why Virus did not rate a 10. One character in the film was very one dimensional, although he was necessary to the story line he should have been given some quality we could relate to. One situation in the story was skirted and inadequately addressed, the consequences of rape in a society where women are in short supply. The women in the story directly asked what action was to be taken to prevent another rape from occurring and rather than answering that question the storyline segued to how the small number of women would have to accommodate more than one man. In their situation both the safety of the women and the new social interactions between men and women deserved to be addressed.

All in all I have viewed Virus (Fukkatsu no hi) several times and have enjoyed it each time. I think you will too.

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an easily enjoyable film, 11 October 2005

Fran Walker the lead character of this film faces the choice many people face-- I've invested time and hope in a relationship, is it the right one for me? Fran struggles with making the best choice for a happy and rewarding life. She's a bit of a ditz but likable. Elizabeth Taylor brings out the anxiety that Fran feels about her life yet shows us the willingness Fran has to take a chance to make a change.

Warren Beatty as Joe Grady did a credible job of helping us like an immature man who was learning to grow-up.

The filming of this picture in France was one of its drawbacks. The film's ambiance would have been better filmed on location in Las Vegas.

All in all The Only Game in Town is worth a watch on a Sunday afternoon or a late night bowl of popcorn.