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Arrogant propaganda, 29 October 2006

I am going to be totally honest with all of you! Anyone who likes this film and is not a hardcore/patriotic American jimbo should at least try to shoothemselves in the head with a high powered rifle! Sure, it was a tragedy, many people lost, i respect that. The thing is that finally when we are all starting to forget and get over those attacks the American government rubs it all back into our faces, and guess what they even make money out of it! This film makes it seem like American tragedies are the only real tragedies in the world, and that only the Americans truly suffer. This film also points out that America has the right to seek revenge over whomever did this, and they point out that "we're gonna need a lot of good people to revenge this", as if good people seek revenge.

The film is absolutely biased, and I have a feeling that there were far too many government officials present at the shoot making sure that this was a pathetic propaganda.

Did I also mention that this film is actually racist! None of the main characters are black, the only real black character we see is the woman in the police station that picks up the phones! Oooh where is the political correctness Stone? I actually heard that the marine guy was black in real life, but in the film he was changed to a white Jesus-lovin' son of a gun!

The film is also extremely boring, and full of clichés and totally fake emotions that are meant to really "touch" us. Well those moments make me say: "I urinate on Oliver Stone, I urinate on everyone who had anything to do with this film." If American people like this ultra nationalist, propaganda, redneck film, then let them have it, but please don't show this crap abroad!

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ALMOST believed it, but nono, 16 May 2006

The thing is that even without knowing too much about science you can feel that this film is being very narrow-minded. None of the people in the film disputed any of the theories, which automatically takes away from the film's credibility.

The thing is that even if you sort of feel very "thought-provoked" after watching this film, when you do some research you see that quite a few of the people interviewed and the directors themselves are connected to RSE, which is a dodgy enlightenment school. Obviously most of the film's core elements are based on RSE's philosophy which just doesn't do it for me...

So, the film is not credible but whats good about it? Well I must admit that it's an attractive and entertaining watch. The Cinematography is very good for the sort of low budget "docu" that this is.

All in all, worth a watch, just don't believe everything they say, try to make up your own mind.

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Interesting beginning, the rest is simply outrageous!, 8 March 2005

"Arsen Lupin" and "Immortel" were among the films that i went to see during the French Film festival in Belgrade. While i immortel left a good impression on me Arsen Lupin got me and a couple of my friends laughing. Here's why: First of all, "The Adventures of Arsen Lupin" are a series of books which tell a story of a Gentleman Thief in the 19th century. The books are enjoyable if you are a fan of romantic-adventure novels.

The film tries to squeeze a few of these books into a whole. This was in my opinion a mistake from the start. The film starts unwinding at about the 1 hour mark and keeps unwinding for another hour, meaning that its ending for a whole hour. The scenes quickly jump from one thing to another not explaining the who or why, characters come and go, places, things, details... After an hour or so you can't even remember what happened 2 minutes ago and frankly you stop caring since the plot makes 360 degree turns every frame. Instead you catch yourself enjoying the unbelievable plot twists and the speed at which they unfold in a bad way, I had the whole cinema laughing throughout the second part of the film. All the characters are switched around, so in the end his father is trying to kill him (WHY?!), oh yeah and he is searching for this treasure which is shown by placing certain crosses together.

Also he seems to be in love with a witch/devil character who tries to use him but doesn't, then does and so on... Another comic character was the witch's henchman who had a metal plate covering half of his face, his role is also unclear. The costumes and scenery are very well done but they don't do much to fix the script, editing and awful directing. The first half of the film starts out slow and slightly boring but the second half is fast, confusing and outright funny. I loved laughing my head off at the unbelievable plot twists in the second half of the film. Otherwise its not worth seeing this film.

Ghost Lake (2004) (V)
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Porn-like acting at its best. Hilariously Funny! Stupidity on a new level!, 7 March 2005

I almost died laughing. From the opening scenes i simply started laughing like an idiot at the way it all looked. The acting simply reminds me of a porn film where they try to get the lines out of the way and get to the sex part. It astonishes because after only 3 minutes we see the lead actresses breasts even though we don't need to. Everything else goes down hill after on. I was cracking up at the acting of her parents as they are choking on the gas or whatever, its simply hilarious! My favourite line in the film goes something like: "People look depressed and sad when they really are sad and depressed". Lines like those just make my day, they seem to be an eye-opener in switching around words and mumbling mumbo jumbo! Man i was laughing all the way through, i just loved the film, the cheap special effects, porn acting with no real sex scenes (OO COME ON!) and the story which is outrageously stupid and funny! There is also a mention of this curse or whatever happening on the 13th day of the 13th year, although not stated which month ahuahha. Thumbs up GHOST LAKE! I hope there is a sequel so it can make my day. Watching this film i decided that i should start making my own films, they can't be worse than this! Rent Ghost Lake or watch it, it will make a dull evening seem stupid and gruesomely funny!