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Liev Schreiber for rainbow 6, 18 January 2005

This is my favorite of all the Jack Ryan movies and i thought Ben Affleck was very watchable in the role his chemistry with Bridget Moynnahan, Morgan Freeman and Liev Schreiber was great. Its better for the franchise if Ryan is young and doesn't have the level of authority that hes got in the later movies, so i liked the young Ryan running around trying to save the world stuff. The highlight of the movie was Schreiber as John Clark though, he projected a great balance of toughness and intelligence and was a nice contrast with Ryan on the recce because essentially Ryan has just entered the world that Clark is keen to escape. If they make the rainbow 6 movie without Liev i so wont go to see it because he totally nailed that character in four scenes in TSOAF.

RKO 281 (1999) (TV)
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strong lead performances make RKO quite good, 18 January 2005

i really liked this movie, even the bits with Melanie Griffith's which is something. I appreciate that people who are familiar with wells work might be a little bit more critical of the piece but i thought it was super. Liev Screiber was outstanding in the lead because he chose to play Wells as a man as opposed to simply doing an impression of an already famous face. He made Wells sympathetic and compelling even though lets face it, as the movie presents it hes not really that likable a man. Id definitely recommend it to any Liev Schreiber fans. Hearst is also presented as an unlikeable character, but Cromwell plays him with great dignity that you almost feel sorry for him.